Caribbean BETA PitchFest 2012 1st Place winner is TRIVIAL Mobile Training App by Team Hybrid

Wayne Jones
Ricardo McPherson
Michael Farquharson

2nd Place – Wapcreate
Rushio Billings
Rojay Robinson
Keyvoy Reynolds
Nicholas Brown
Here is their presentation on SlideShare.


3rd Place – PikSum 3D
Warren Robinson
Nicolas Brown
Alvin Fowler
Kevog Reynolds
Here is their presentation on slide share

The Competition LineUp

There were 18 teams who entered the Caribbean BETA PitchFest this year.
They are:

Team #1: PPS Jamaica
Team #2:ClajaCom
Team #3:Ingenuity Limited
Team #4: JustKat
Team #5: Byte Solutions
Team#6: New World Designs
Team #7: Point Global Marketing
Team #8: Exceed DX
Team #9: Niugna
Team #10: Ticketr
Team #11: Hybrid
Team #12: Ajure
Team #13: Unite
Team #14: Jam Commute
Team #15: PPS2
Team #16: Wapcreate
Team#17: Inventive Learner
Team#18: PortalOrbits

ConnectiMass, Keystone Augusta, Connectid, JAMPRO, C.I.D.A, InfoDev, Digicel Jamaica congratulates all who competed this year and to those who won. We expect great things from everyone of you. For those of you who missed it this year. Get ready for 2013. The best is yet to come!