REPORT: ConnectiMass + CIDA+InfoDev = Caribbean BETA 2012 Startup BootCamp (Jamaica)

Without question, Jamaica and the Caribbean tech entrepreneurs are on their way to making their mark in their own nations, region and the world and tech conferences like Caribbean BETA and its Pitchfest competition is geared towards helping them become more successful. This year we added the Startup Bootcamp to the attendees sharpen their game after competing in the Pitchfest and for what we know is a busy 2013 season.

Sponsored by CIDA, InfoDev & JAMPRO – The Objectives were to help any aspiring and current entrepreneur with a tech-driven idea to move further, faster from where they currently are along their startup journey. Their ideas could be ones that leveraged the internet, mobile or social platforms for example- a website, web app, mobile service, mobile app and gaming. It was open to anyone, any Caribbean country, any age.

There were 35 attendees from 3 Caribbean Countries ( Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas).

Put through the Paces

Over 4 workshops over two days, attendees were put through the paces via idea pitches, interactive presentations, working in teams, receiving feedback and being mentored along the process by the three expert facilitators.

Their ideas were tested via the 4 modules:

How do you Know if your idea is a viable business ?

What is Your Business Model? How to monetize your tech-driven idea?

Defining Your Market and Your Go To Market Strategy

Investment Readiness and Raising Funds For Your Venture.

Eric Ries’s Lean Startup Methodology was introduced here also. At the end they came away know if they had a winner or they had more work to do. A win win scenario.


Follow Up

All attendees will now become part of the ConnectiMass network of Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs and will be part of the Virtual Mentorship programme that continues for 60 days in Jamaica and across the Caribbean. From that 10 of the strongest ideas/teams will be selected to compete in a Caribbean wide challenge and the top 3 teams will go on to compete in a global startup competition in South Africa in May 2013.


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StartupBoot Camp Materials for you

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