Blackberry 10 is out and awesome…but is it alot too late, even here in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean loves the Blackberry, it’s amazing how we don’t have an epidemic of thumb injuries because us island people can sure work that BB Messenger for social and business purposes. The Caribbean was one of those places that stayed in love with the Blackberry when alot of the world switched to the iPhone and was indulging their curiosity with Android phones.

It’s now 2013 and what can we say, that Blackberry may have delivered their best product ever, but maybe it’s two years too late.

They launched the  “BlackBerry 10: Re-designed, Re-engineered, and Re-invented” today as they said. They unveiled the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones at events held simultaneously in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai, and Johannesburg.

And I can tell you, the Z10 is one sexy piece ah gadget and with all of its specs it certainly holds its own with the Galaxy S 3 and iPhone 5. But the question looms,  is it alot of awesomeness that’s come too late?

Here in Jamaica I’ve seen the influencers and business professionals switch to the Galaxy S 3 primarily with the iPhone bring up the rear. Then there was the rumour that Digicel, the largest mobile provider in the Caribbean was giving their some of their staff Galaxy S 3s…and they did this with the Blackberries a few years ago too. We know that kind move is meant to influence buying decisions via word of mouth – employee to families and friends and of course it enables them to sell the phones better directly to customers. Will they do the same again with these BB 10s.


So did you switch already even when you heard that you could do voice calls on BBM? Will this new reveal make you hold strain or switch back or carry two phones like most Jamaicans

  • I think the Z10 is too late and should’ve never came. Blackberry’s QWERTY keypad is uncontested and that’s where their strength is (was). Stepping into the touch screen game with the likes of iOS and Android means Blackberry will have to significantly step up their software to compete.

    The security features it offers to enterprise customers are hands down the best too but how many companies actually give their employees devices and use the enterprise service?

  • HoJo

    They are too late. I have switched totally and will not be looking back. An ‘Apple’ a day keeps the berry away. The 2 phone idea not gonna swing for me again. That’s too much money on instruments and we haven’t added the bills for each.

  • I’m sure it is sexy… But feel that Blackberry’s days are numbered. Perhaps those in the Caribbean will cling to it for some reason, but whenever I have traveled in the past year all I see is iPhones and androids. As a former BB user, I don’t regret switching to my Samsung Galaxy – a beautiful phone that is completely user-friendly.