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Home > TECH NEWS > Blackberry 10 is out and awesome…but is it alot too late, even here in the Caribbean?
  • I think the Z10 is too late and should’ve never came. Blackberry’s QWERTY keypad is uncontested and that’s where their strength is (was). Stepping into the touch screen game with the likes of iOS and Android means Blackberry will have to significantly step up their software to compete.

    The security features it offers to enterprise customers are hands down the best too but how many companies actually give their employees devices and use the enterprise service?

  • HoJo

    They are too late. I have switched totally and will not be looking back. An ‘Apple’ a day keeps the berry away. The 2 phone idea not gonna swing for me again. That’s too much money on instruments and we haven’t added the bills for each.

  • I’m sure it is sexy… But feel that Blackberry’s days are numbered. Perhaps those in the Caribbean will cling to it for some reason, but whenever I have traveled in the past year all I see is iPhones and androids. As a former BB user, I don’t regret switching to my Samsung Galaxy – a beautiful phone that is completely user-friendly.