Cayman Tech Culture rising. Kudos to the ones who make things happen!

Paula Fierro | Garth Humpreys

CAYMAN (Tech Culture)- The Tech Culture is rising in the Cayman Islands thanks to a few forward thinkers. I remember meeting Garth Humphreys a Caymanian web designer and programmer with a serious passion for developing games. He later  formed the Facebook Group Cayman Software developers. In fact I did a post on him back in 2011- “Wubble – the Cayman-made iPhone App and What’s next for the guy behind it” .

Then recently on Paulo Fierro tweeted to me the info of the meetup he started called -A meetup for designers & developers living in the Cayman Islands. Hosted at the offices of a leading digital branding agency, BB&P, they’re on to their second meetup. Paulo shared this… ” my partner and I moved back to Cayman last summer from the UK and one of the things we missed most was the tech community. So we figured we’d try finding and getting together with other people that do what we do. Luckily some friends at BB&P, a local agency, also want to help in getting the local community together and invited us to use their space.” Now that’s what we’re talking about. People who just get up and do things!!!

The format of their meetups is simple and similar to how Kingston BETA got started 6 years ago in Jamaica and how others in Barbados and across the region have started theirs.  They have an “open projector” so anybody can bring their laptop to show what they’re working on and get feedback. There’s an Apple TV set up too so you can also present via AirPlay. However most importantly it’s also about the networking- simply getting to meet and greet other people who do what they do. They event used to help alleviate concerns about sharing ideas and protecting them from thieves. I love it. is an NDA for friends.

Kudos to Garth and Paulo and others who get up and make things happen. This is what will make the Caribbean Tech Startup ecosystem rock!  Let’s keep going people.