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Opinion: What’s up with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, the  little app that could. When I came across WhatsApp for my android phone over a year ago there were only 3 people in my contact list that I could speak to. Back then BlackBerry was the supreme leader (and to some still is). But now 90% of my

  • JA2BK

    Heck no, that is why WhatsApp is winning. BBM, and even iMessage, aren’t replacing WhatsApp by any measure. Being on all platforms is the best move and hopefully Blackberry decides to even do a cross-platform version. Wouldn’t even mind if you just couldn’t do BBM Video or calls. Something to make it worth it to get a Blackberry, if you desire the extra features, but allow everyone to have access to the app. It would probably give WhatsApp a run for their money… especially if it is a PIN/username vs your phone number.

  • I think WhatsApp owes its growing success to the developing markets, especially those which have been primarily dominated by BlackBerry. With more BlackBerry users migrating to other platforms WhatsApp become the gateway messaging app.

  • I was very surprised when I heard that WhatsApp had more monthly active users that Twitter, however the more I think about it I can see why.

    Similarly, 95% of the smart phones users at my company has Whatsapp (it’s actually a requirement now). I’ll estimate out of those only 10% are on Twitter.

    It didn’t seem like much when it launched, but it’s here to stay.