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Raising the Pulse of ICT from the Ground Up: Startup Weekend Trinidad and Tobago

startup_weekend_tt_banner2 A post by the Trinidad and Tobago Startup Weekend team on the need for initiatives in the Caribbean to better harness ICT, and how Startup Weekend Trinidad and Tobago can contribute to that goal.

The existence of a networked economy in which information, products and services are solicited, shared, accessed and re-purposed without traditional limitations, has not only introduced new rules of play and risk-taking in the competitiveness landscape, but also revealed unanticipated and unfamiliar markets. Indeed information and communications technologies present several opportunities for achieving competitive advantage. Governments and leaders alike recognize that in addition to being critical spillovers to every sector, the ability to effectively harness ICTs will improve their overall competitiveness rankings. Yet the Caribbean region continues to be characterized by a delay in the adoption and effective use of ICT amidst the structural upgrades that have occurred.

Developing the critical mass to harness ICTs

The outlook for a vibrant, competitive Caribbean ICT sector depends in part on the extent to which the region is able to build and sustain a diverse set of competencies, as well as a keen culture of agility and innovation, at all levels in the value chain. Startup Weekend Trinidad and Tobago is a timely addition to a suite of initiatives that have emerged around the Caribbean and elsewhere to stimulate purpose-driven innovation outside of formal educational programmes.  more

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