Call for the BEST of the BEST: Why Jamaican Developers and Designers Must attend Startup Weekend Jamaica

What makes Startup Weekends a great experience for all participants is having the right people attend. And by the right people we mean a mixture of Aspiring/Current Entrepreneurs, Graphics/UX/UI Designers, Developers and people with a Non-Technical background like business, Marketing & PR. Why? Because one of the crucial steps anyone with a business idea can make, is the decision of who to have on to their team. It’s one of the biggest decisions owners of the Top 10 ideas make at Startup Weekend Jamaica will make-  who are the best people I can have   working on making the idea a reality over the 54hrs on the weekend.

So it’s important that each Startup Weekend Jamaica Team has to have a developer and design on board ! And remember Startup Weekends are about experiential entrepreneurship education. More