6 ICT/tech trends we are likely to see in Caribbean in 2014

trendsTECH NEWS – The tech/ICT issues that made the headlines or had us talking in 2013 were diverse and interesting: from tablets in schools, to the implications of covert spying by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States (US). As we all get poised to take 2014 by storm, and our first post for 2014, here are six trends we believe will be evident in the Caribbean in 2014.

1. Online privacy is taken even more seriously

Generally, discussions on online privacy have revolved around consumers, or website visitors, and the protection of their personal data. Although organisations definitely have their part to play in ensuring that their customers’ personal data is safeguarded, the on going revelations of surreptitious US spying and surveillance by the NSA is precipitating a continually revisit of this issue, and whether boundaries have been crossed.  More