A Burgeoning Hacker Culture in Haiti?

haitianflagTECH NEWS – Haiti’s first hackathon ever took place only one year ago, in February 2013, but since then students at the Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti (ESIH) have held two more hacking events and are even now forming a coding club called Enjoy.code. More than 100 students have applied to be a part of the new club. In an interview with techPresident, the Directeur Général of ESIH Patrick Attie talked about the burgeoning hacker culture in his school.

Haiti’s first hackathon, which was covered by techPresident last year, came out of a partnership with Digital Democracy, a nonprofit that helps marginalized communities gain empowerment through the use of technology. During the hackathon, participants—roughly 40 ESIH students and 15 international visitors—developed a geo-referenced map of Haiti to help victims of sexual violence find resources and services available to them throughout the country. More