Snapshot: actual Internet upload and download speeds from across the Caribbean 2014

internetsign copyTECH NEWS – Have you ever wondered what Internet speeds might actually be experienced in the Caribbean? This new Snapshot examines household Internet upload and download speeds in 25 countries across the region.

In our earlier Snapshot, we examined residential Internet plans and their corresponding prices across the Caribbean. Typically, the advertised speed of those plans is rarely or consistently achieved, since infrastructure and bandwidth are shared. Hence although a customer might be paying for a plan with an advertised download speed of 4 Megabits per second (Mbps), the actual broadband speeds experienced might be around 1.5—2.5 Mbps, depending on the traffic on the network.

In this a new Snapshot, we are exploring what might be actual (real life) upload and download speeds in the Caribbean. We also consider the results in relation to global averages in order determine how individual countries, and the region as a whole, are performing.  more