Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) Company’s Mobile Money Guyana (MMG) launches “Shop ‘n go”

guyana_flag_printables_av2MOBILE MONEY– Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh during brief remarks at the launch of the GT&T’s Mobile Money Merchant Service at Herdmanston Lodge. GT&T’s customers will now be able to pay for their goods and services at a wide range of places from super markets, service stations, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, hardware and general stores, and boutiques just to name a few.

Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh during brief remarks at the launch held at Herdmanston Lodge, Queenstown, lauded the telephone company for its significant contribution to the economic growth of Guyana. Minister Singh said that the launch is significant in that it offers financial services to citizens throughout the length and breadth of Guyana. He said that Government will welcome more of such initiatives.
“It would be easy to regularise this as just the launching of another service being offered. I would want to say that this event is important and symbolic. Today’s launching is a good reminder of how much our world and country has changed,” Minister Singh pointed out.

The Finance Minister recalled when one had to use the telephone house and request an overseas call or join a line at the Bank of Guyana to make telephone calls. Today, not only do persons have the telephone in their pockets, but they can also pay bills or shop goods and services by way of telephone. Moreso, companies like GT&T had to have confidence in the future of Guyana in order to invest in such an initiative. More