Push for eCommerce in Barbados

barbadosflagTECH NEWS – THE SMALL Business Association (SBA) is pushing e-commerce in a big way and as such has formed partnerships to enable its members to more fully utilise the technology. Business operations manager Andrea C Taylor said the SBA was working with both banks and Government in this regard.

“We have a banking partner in First Citizens bank which is very much aware of the plans we have and are working with us to try and see how best to facilitate the process,” she said. Taylor was speaking after their bi-monthly members’ meeting in Bagnall Point, Pelican Village, Princess Alice Highway, St Michael. She said e-commerce was a top priority so they had also partnered with the Ministry of Small Business to host a lecture on the Benefits and Challenges SME’s Face with E-commerce by guest speaker, e-commerce development officer Chesterfield Coppin of the Ministry of Small Business. More