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Where the jobs are: the most in demand ICT/tech skills 2015

6985_B8Q7KNdo_o-600x600TECH NEWS – On its current trajectory, the ICT/tech space is expected to get considerably larger and more sophisticated, as new technologies, applications and products and services continue to be developed to better address known problems, and those we did not even know we had.

Worldwide, and more so in the Caribbean, students and adults alike have been concerned about identifying opportunities that could influence their studies and help them to better position themselves for the job market. On the other hand, though occasional statements have been made about the current tech/ICT-related skills shortage and the demand for those skills into the foreseeable future, frequently, those statements are relatively general, without specifics or context.

In this post, we highlight the results of two recent careers-related surveys conducted in the United States (US). Though the results published covered the broad gamut of skills and jobs, our focus is on those in the ICT/tech space, which could possibly suggest the potential demand for those skills globally, and not just in the US.

Survey results

Within the last two months, Forbes and MSN Money published the results of surveys on the most in demand skills and highest paying jobs in the US. In both surveys, jobs in the tech/ICT-related field dominated the lists produced.  More