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Why All these eyes on the Caribbean Startup Ecosystem Now?

Like Africa, Miami, parts of Eastern Europe, the Caribbean’s Startup Ecosystem is nascent and growing. At the moment, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, and Dominican Republic has been getting alot of attention, because of the level of tech entrepreneurial activity, that's been bubbling up there. And yes Jamaica has been leading the

  • Hi Teddy, Well it depends on what kind of entrepreneur one wants to be…it can be solo or with a team depending on your idea and you desire to scale. That said whatever one chooses, there is no need to try to do everything yourself I’ve found that there is always someone willing to help and share what they know. Plus there is always google, so many blogs which amazing How to and How I did it content. Good to hear from you.

    PS When are you launching Keep us posted. Is there a BETA we can jump in on?

  • I also believe as entrepreneurs we have to change our mind set from going at it alone, and hiding our work, to one of being willing to share “know how” to help others, and give up equity in order to get persons with the right skills on board early.