4 things you need to know today in Caribbean Tech

Digicel Haiti Relaunches Mobile Money Service As Mon Cash

Haiti – Telecom giant Digicel is relaunching their mobile money service “Tcho Tcho” under the new name “Mon Cash.” The new service, which was formed through a partnership with Scotiabank, allows Digicel customers to withdraw, transfer and deposit money from the from their mobile phones, without a bank account… more

Cuba’s Low Level of Internet Use: Not a Policy of Restricting the Flow of Information

Cuba – If you want to find examples of governments restricting the flow of information on the internet for political purposes, look to the United States and its allies, and not to the low-level of internet use in Cuba, which, notwithstanding press reports to the contrary, is a consequence of Cuba’s comparatively low-level of economic development, not communist ‘totalitarianism.’ … more

No WhatsApp on Mobile Phones – St. Lucians Hit Back At Digicel

Saint Lucia – In the space of a few days, the chain reaction stemming from the protest of one Digicel customer has gained enough traction to cause a snowball effect as hundreds step up to show their support and join the protest… more

Call for Applications: Start-Up Jamaica
Jamaica – If you believe you have a great idea for a mobile app or digital media business, calls for applications are now open for the government-led accelerator Startup Jamaica.  Apply here