Digicel’s Implementation Of Ad Blocking Technology And Its Impact On Jamaicans


by Devon Communings

In a questionable move, Jamaica’s telecom provider Digicel has implemented Ad Blocking technologies in protest to not being paid by advertising companies such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook, for ads that show up when Digicel customers are browsing the internet over their broadband connections, even though the costumer already paid for the data plan being used.

In this article I will shed some light on:

  • Why Digicel Implemented Ad Blocking Technology
  • Who Really Benefits From Digicel’s Implementation Of Ad blocking Technology
  • How Advertising Networks Such As Google’s Adsense Really Work And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Digicel
  • Who Will Be Affected By Digicel’s Move To Implement Ad Blocking Technology
  • Why This Move By Digicel Has Very Minute Impact On Google Yahoo or Facebook
  • How Everyone Including Digicel’s Owners, Workers, Family Members, Jamaicans and Everyone Else Who Uses The Internet Benefits From Ads
  • How Digicel Truly Plans To Benefit From This Move