Caribbean co-founded Mobile Startup’Fuh We’ wins Startup Weekend New Orleans

Fuhwe, which means “for us” in local Caribbean slang, is the Mobile App that won Startup Weekend New Orleans held on October 16 – 18, 2015. The App connects travelers with local experts for a cultural immersive fun experience and was developed by a country and gender diverse team.

The winning team comprised of Patricia Maher and Shawn Louis from Grenada, West Indies, Katherine Robinson from Seattle, Thomas Officer from Boston, Trich Lee from Austin and Lila Mohammad and Gian Romain from New Orleans.

fuhwemobileappteamThis mobile technology startup proudly promotes that it is helping to breaking the stereotype of white male and breaking out of the notion that Silicon Valley is the place to be for startups. New Orleans is a vibrant startup community and thanks to Startup Weekend it got the opportunity for 15 young entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas with 6 ideas being chosen to be put to the validation test over the 54 hour weekend.

With the help of mentors and coaches such as Ravi Prakash from Dinnerlab, Jeremey Hunnewell from EMH Consultants, and J. Miquez from the IdeaVillage, they got a new perspective on pitching their startup idea.

Thanks to a great group of judges, including Jon Atkinson from Loyola University Center of Entrepreneurship, Uchechi Kalu Jacobson from Wedocracy, Jon Renthrope from Cajun Fire and Chris Reade from Lookfar, FuhWe is on its journey to launch. They got advice about entrepreneurship, social media, plus great networking as well as inspiration from guest speaker Benjamin Reese from Deltree

Startup Weekend New Orleans was organized by Chris Groh and Lindsay Nunez who are volunteers and facilitated by Michael LaPlante. FuhWe has won great opportunities to pitch at Barpreneur, coworking office space at Launch Pad and courses from Techtalentsouth to name but a few. If you want to have a startup weekend in your community, you should reach out to the people at This is a win for FuhWe from the Caribbean and a win for New Orleans as it is a great place to build such a new and diverse startup.