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How will we define the Caribbean Tech Startup Success Story?

The tendency to pay attention to startups that's targeting huge global markets is a bias of the venture capital culture worldwide, where thinking BIG in terms of market size is the primary focus.  For them, it has to be, it's how they get the return on their invested money when startups exit on the stock market or are sold to bigger players. Ain't nothing wrong with that, but having a Venture Capitalist finding and funding entrepreneurs, is only one way of thinking about tech entrepreneurship, startups and success story. It's ain't the only game in town though people. There are so many other ways and other definitions of what is the tech entrepreneurship success story. With the Caribbean's startup ecosystem nascent and growing, we have have to be smart about our own definitions - even while we may create regionally and think globally. We live in a global startup world dominated by messages of unicorns ( startups valued over USD$1 billion dollars) and centaurs ( startups valued at or get an exit at about US$100million), when still, tech-driven or not, the world is still run by small and medium sized businesses. These SMEs, even in this Digital and Connected Age, do create the most jobs and have the greatest impact on economies. In fact it is because of the Internet, that has given rise even more so to even more tech entrepreneurial shades of grey where we now have solopreneurs and small multi-nationals with distributed and virtual teams. The Caribbean is the

  • I agree with this message. Focus on building a business. However, the lore around building a startup has become extremely detached from a lot of core business building practices so much that some advocate that startups should NOT focus on growing revenue. That’s a dangerous mentality for any startup to pursue – in the Caribbean or not

  • Is there a list of successful Caribbean tech companies? I’m taking about companies that have been around say for 5+ years and have had incremental growth each year.