Why “The Power of Digital Influence” is the Theme for our Caribbean Blogger’s Week 2016

When we first published our intention to stage our first annual Caribbean Blogger’s Week in December 5-10th, 2016, we shared that this year’s theme is “The Power of Digital Influence.”

And so what is Digital Influence?

Techopedia defines Digital Influence as ” the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors, and drive measurable outcomes online. Digital influence is largely a phenomena of social networking. The everyday Internet user is subject to a barrage of noise and content.”


“Simply defined, individuals with online influence are “digital tastemakers.” Through social media or content marketing strategy, influencers act as an impetus to their audience and define future trends.”  – LA Times

Personally, I’ve been blogging here at SiliconCaribe.com for just over 9 years myself, and one of the things that I truly love about blogging and social media in general – is the ability to create great content, build an audience and become an authority- the foundation of digital influence.

Through our upcoming, scheduled Twitter Chats, Articles right here on SiliconCaribe.com, in our Caribbean Blogger Profiles and at our Meetups in Caribbean and Diaspora Cities- we will explore and discuss how this shift of influence to new and unexpected people and their audiences – because of The Internet, the Mobile phone, Blogging and Social Media. Plus, how do we measure it this influence.

We will examine how Digital Influence is growing in the Caribbean and Diaspora, the current trends, who are some of rising and leading digital influencers; who and what makes them so powerful ( their reach, resonance and relevance); how they can and already are, reshaping the way entire industries work and spend marketing budgets, as well as how Caribbean brands especially, can leverage Digital Influencers to grow their business. All these discussions will take place within the context of global trends.

So keep your eyes glued to this space and to our dedicated pages for this event, follow SiliconCaribe on Instagram and on Twitter and Facebook also.

And remember the hashtag is #CBW2016. With additional ones #CBWKGN #CBWLDN #CBWNYC and #CBWPOS for Kingston, London, New York City and Port of Spain  – confirmed Caribbean Bloggers Week Meetups so far.