The Women Behind SiliconCaribe’s Caribbean Bloggers Week

Five women, living in four cities spanning the Caribbean and Diaspora USA and Europe, who has a collective online influence of just over 5 million people, are the ones behind’s first annual Caribbean Bloggers Week.

Being staged from December 5th to 10th, 2016, under the theme “ The Power of Digital Influence,” the six days of scheduled activities, will celebrate and showcase the power of Digital Influencers of Caribbean + Caribbean descent who are Bloggers, Podcasters, Instagrammers, YouTubers and other types of Digital Creatives.

The event which is staged 90% online, will profile and interview emerging and rockstar Digital Influencers; publish educational how-to and how-I-did articles from expert bloggers;  release The Status of Caribbean Blogosphere Trend Report; launch an Official Caribbean Blog directory plus host two Twitter Chats. The week will culminate with Blogger Meetups hosted by top Caribbean Bloggers in Kingston, Port of Spain, New York and London.

Caribbean Bloggers Week is founded by Ingrid Riley, publisher and editor of the 9 year-old Caribbean Tech blog. She is is an award-winning  tech entrepreneur, blogger and pioneering tech evangelist based in Jamaica.

Caribbean Bloggers Week is our newest event and our intention is that it inspires the increased development, marketing and distribution of more original Caribbean Digital Content. You see, it is of great value that more of us, come to understand the value and opportunity of owning a blog, an independent digital media platform, for which you can set your own agenda. A platform where you can produce text, audio, photo and video digital content, build an engaged and loyal audience and achieve amazing things, including a profitable business,” said Ingrid Riley, Founder of SiliconCaribe.

The additional four women behind Caribbean Bloggers Week are the selected hosts of the Caribbean Bloggers Week Meetups in the cities of Kingston, Port of Spain, New York and London covering the region and the Diaspora in this inaugural year.

In Kingston, Jamaica is Odessa Chambers, who is publicist and film/tv producer and owner of the Lifestyle and Entertainment blog As the daughter of legendary Reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff, the o-access JAMAICA curator, has earned her stripes in the music and entertainment industry for more than a decade. A lover of music, a sharp eye for fashion, detail and excellent productions, she is a TasteMaker, seasoned networker and astute Entertainment Executive.

Being blessed to have access to  things happening in Jamaica that the average person doesn’t have and is constantly being asked from her friends, family and clients on “what a gwan” in Jamaica, Odessa decided to create o-access JAMAICA.

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In Port of Spain,  the Meetup host is Mel Gabriel, writer, editor and owner of which is a fashion and lifestyle publication that has re-engineered the way people interact with the Caribbean fashion industry. It is a comprehensive online directory of fashion designers, beauty technicians and lifestyle service-providers based in (or from) the Caribbean.

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In New York is Mikelah Rose, who is the founder of, described as “where Caribbean meets urban culture. Covering music, fashion, beauty and culture, with the “fly caribbean-chic” in mind.”  It’s a Caribbean-American lifestyle outlet with a growing loyal audience of Caribbean-American millennials.

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In London is Ursula Barzey, founder of the Caribbean travel and luxury blog her blog is focused on promoting Caribbean travel and its expanding luxury lifestyle to potential visitors from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The blog also encourages inter-regional travel.

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These amazing Caribbean Women Bloggers will host the Meetups, that are designed to spark conversations on trends and various industry topics. They will encourage collaboration and networking between all of the bloggers, podcasters, instagrammers, digital influencers, tastemakers and digital creatives who are Caribbean and of Caribbean descent and the brands interested in collaborating with them. The Meetups take various forms — from panel discussions, guest speaker-driven events to food, beverage and music infused experiences.

I am expecting amazing things to happen this December. We want Caribbean Digital Talent around the world, to know that our own people and the rest of the world, wants to read, hear and watch ourselves, our stories online and oh yes, create profitable ventures because of it,” Riley added.