Uber Comes to the Caribbean – Launches in Trinidad!

In a blog post in its online newsroom, Uber the global ride sharing juggernaut announced that it’s now in Trinidad and Tobago, their first entry point into the Caribbean.

Starting today January 16th at 11:00 am, Uber arrives to Port of Spain & San Fernando. We are proud to serve a community that prides itself on its Carnival, white sandy beaches, and a buzzing nightlife. Today we begin offering safe, reliable and affordable rides to Trinidadians. With the touch of a button, your Uber driver is ready to take you to your destination.”

With Machel Mantano, King of Soca as their lead ambassador, Uber said that ” thousands already signed up and rearing to go, we couldn’t be more excited to serve the transportation needs of Port of Spain and San Fernando.”

They also released this fare structure below.

Fares in San Fernando and Port of Spain:

Minimum fare: $32.50 TTD


Base fare: $20.00 TTD
Per minute: $1.20 TTD
Per kilometer: $1.40 TTD
Booking fee: $2.50 TTD

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Allyuh peeps in Trinidad, test it out for meh and tell us what you think. I soon reach Port of Spain to try it out for myself.