Jamaican Woman Entrepreneur launches Pocmi.com to make recruitment of immigrant knowledge workers easier

Timing is indeed everything. I remember when Melissa Powell explained to me what she was thinking about doing two years ago. I didn’t get it. That didn’t matter. She saw something  that no one else did, but at that time wasn’t quite sure then how she was going to get it all done.

Now, her clarity of purpose and timing seems perfect, especially given that immigrant knowledge workers were severely affected my America’s 90day order to block and deport people from 7 countries it believe are high risk for terrorist personnel. It sent the American tech industry reeling and rethinking about how to help stranded high level knowledge talent and their families and how it may all affect their business beyond the ban.

Founder of Pocmi.com Melissa Powell

Melissa, a Jamaican Tech Entrepreneur based between Kingston and New York just launched Pocmi.com which has a mission to “Improve recruiting in a globalized world” through its global platform  that “provides an end to end solution for employers and workers to connect, evaluate and facilitate immigration of knowledge workers.

Now in public beta, Pocmi is inviting users  to list any job you may have that is open to foreign nationals, free of cost at the moment and to do a test run of our Applicant Tracking System and candidate search platform.

Awesome job Melissa! Keep us posted.