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SiliconCaribe.com The first, longest running and Most Influential Caribbean Technology News Site covering such topics as Startups. Social. Mobile. ICT4Ag. Business and more.

We are the triple award-winning blog that covers the next generation of  Caribbean Tech and Business Leaders – The Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers..all of the Innovators their Ideas and their Lives.

We cover the Startup/Tech Entrepreneurial Culture and Events in the Startups Scene and Tech Industry.

We cover the Investors, Advocates; Corporate,  Government, University and Agency Initiatives and their initiatives to help the Entrepreneurial Culture and Caribbean Tech Industry Grow.

SiliconCaribe is the source for the latest news and information on the Caribbean Tech Startups and Caribbean Technology News and has been since 2007.

We also co-produce Jamaica and the Caribbean’s leading Tech Community Event – Kingston BETA meetup.



We co-produce the following tech community Event – Kingston BETA meetup.

The Beginning!

It started off in 2005 as TechWatchCaribbean by entrepreneur and was founded by  Ingrid Riley a tech evangelist, tech community advocate.


The blog is now a media blog owned by Connectimass.

On Our Blog

We share the stories of where tech entrepreneurship and innovation is happening and who’s behind it. We feature tech entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora who are on a mission of bringing their ideas to life.

We showcase the tech culture as it grow and will flavour our blog posts with our opinions of what’s great and not so great about Silicon Caribe – this blossoming culture of tech entrepreneurship, innovation and startups.

We also interview the people who are helping them to succeed – we call them the advocates- the community leaders, training organisations, government agencies, aid organisations, Businesses, accelerators and incubators.

We cover the latest Caribbean Technology news and reviews.

The Scene

We named the Caribbean Startup Scene, an industry with a blossoming culture of tech entrepreneurship,  innovation and startups – Silicon Caribe and name this blog after it. We focus on the people, companies, events and culture that’s making things happen here in the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora (US, UK and Canada).

We are the site of record for what Caribbean tech entrepreneurs and digital creatives and companies. We’re inspired by the passionate and smart individuals that surround us who are building and strengthening this economy, community and culture.

Here are the people who have guest blogged for SiliconCaribe.com over the years.

Ingrid Riley

Michele Marius
Guest Blogger

Suzette Gardner
Guest Blogger

Marc Gayle
Guest Blogger

Dale Kurt-Murray
Guest Blogger

David Mullings
Guest Blogger

Khary Sharpe
Guest Blogger

Matthew McNaughton
Guest Blogger

Corey K Graham
Guest Blogger

Cherie Dowdie
Guest Blogger

Simone Harris
Guest Blogger

Bevil Wooding
Guest Blogger

If you would like to contribute please feel free to drop us a line. ingrid @ connectimass.com

In addition to the contributors who work hard on a daily basis to provide you with valuable information, our Advisory Board also plays a key role in our growth and development.


Our Awards

Best Technology Blog 2011 ( Jamaica Blog Awards)

Best Technology Blog 2010 ( Jamaica Blog Awards)

Blog of the Year 2010 ( Jamaica Blog Awards)


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Why the Name SiliconCaribe.com?

I believe that even as we are small as a region (a little over 40 million people), we’re quite powerful in terms of innovation and influence, so I created the Caribbean’s own derivative from the legacy that is Silicon Valley, which is a global synonym for all things high-tech. Silicon Valley is the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the United States. The term originally referred to the region’s large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all the high-tech businesses in the area. Despite the development of other high-tech economic centers throughout the United States, Silicon Valley continues to be the leading high-tech hub because of its large number of engineers and venture capitalists.