SiliconCaribe is Caribbean Tech Media and Events Brand that’s been chronicling and showcasing how the Caribbean does Tech since 2007.

Every month over readers from primarily the Caribbean and US read the blog  that covers Caribbean technology, innovation, startups, social media, mobile, digital business and digital culture. They are.

SiliconCaribe is also the leading producer of Caribbean technology events and have produced the more Caribbean Tech Events for Caribbean Startups, Caribbean Businesses and the Caribbean Tech Industry and Diaspora that anyone else. We’ve done over 80 Meetups+ Pitch events, 3 Caribbean Tech Conferences, 3 Caribbean wide Hackathons, a few Mobile App Competitions, Online Twitter Chats and 1 Startup Weekend. We launched  Caribbean Bloggers Week in 2016 and we will stage the first Caribbean Women in Tech coming up in 2017. is  big believer in the emerging #DigitalCaribbean and our inevitable success in the Global Digital Economy.

We have have a growing social community on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram for our brands. Join us on our journey in becoming #DigitalCaribbean.


Our Awards

Best Technology Blog 2011 ( Jamaica Blog Awards)

Best Technology Blog 2010 ( Jamaica Blog Awards)

Blog of the Year 2010 ( Jamaica Blog Awards)


Our Caribbean Technology Events Firsts

  • First Technology Community Meetup in Jamaica and the Caribbean, Kingston BETA  and we kickstarted the Jamaican Tech Startup Scene. ( 2007)
    -Had over 70 Tech Meetups that’s seen over 7,000 attendees, and over 300 Entrepreneurs who’ve pitched.
  • First Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Conference, Caribbean BETA ( 2011)
  • Had 2 Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Conferences ( Caribbean BETA) that had 32 teams pitch their ideas, 500 attendees from 6 Caribbean countries attendees, plus Silicon Valley luminaries judging and speaking.
  • First Startup Weekend Jamaica ( 2013)
  • Co-produced the Caribbean’s first Agriculture Hackathon called AgriHack Caribbean.
  • Co-produced the first World Bank and Government of Jamaica led- DigitalJam 2.0

Why the Name

I believe that even as we are small as a region (a little over 40 million people), we’re quite powerful in terms of innovation and influence, so I created the Caribbean’s own derivative from the legacy that is Silicon Valley, which is a global synonym for all things high-tech and innovation.



Founder + Chief Blogger

Ingrid Riley

Ingrid is an Entrepreneur,  Blogger, Tech Evangelist, Digital Strategist,  Speaker and known Super Connector. I think, blog, speak and travel a lot promoting

“I’m in the business of ideas, information and inspiration.”