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The Caribbean now has its own Startup Digest

The Caribbean now has its own Startup Digest as Ingrid Riley, founder of ConnectiMass  joins the organisation as the Caribbean Curator.    ConnectiMass a media company that offers content, community and events for aspiring and current Caribbean entrepreneurs in technology. The 3 year old StartupDigest email newsletter currently reaches over 230,000 subscribers

Most Caribbean Artists don’t seem to take the Online Game seriously at all or do they?

The presence of social networks have changed the way marketers and marketing functions happen in the entertainment industry. However, the markers of success remain the same - popularity ( fan base) and sales  - and the global presence offered by social media networking sites such as

What is SociaLingua?

Indeed, “What is SociaLingua?” is the question I’ve been asking since I first saw those persistent ads pop up on my Facebook Homepage many moons ago. The ads were extremely effective, as when I first saw them I did want to know “What is SociaLingua?”. I clicked on the ad

Top 10 Biggest Caribbean Facebook Fan Pages

I’m loving the fact that the Caribbean is showing a strong presence among Facebook’s Fan Pages. Over 500,000 Jamaicans, over 300,000 Trinidadians and it goes on. This list I created is dominated by music and sport -singular cause there’s only one - interests of Jamaica and the Spanish speaking Caribbean.

4 Useful Tools Caribbean Musicians can use to access American and European Markets

With the limitations of scale in the Jamaican music market, and the new measure of success moving away from CD sales to more of concert tickets, merchandise and digital downloads, most artists look toward other countries for exposure, fame and yes money. Used to be you needed to be or