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The Caribbean now has its own Startup Digest

The Caribbean now has its own Startup Digest as Ingrid Riley, founder of ConnectiMass  joins the organisation as the Caribbean Curator.    ConnectiMass a media company that offers content, community and events for aspiring and current Caribbean entrepreneurs in technology. The 3 year old StartupDigest email newsletter currently reaches over 230,000 subscribers across 99 cities and 43 countries around the world. It was recently acquired by the global organisation Startup Weekend, the organization behind the weekend-long hackathons encouraging entrepreneurship. Startup Weeknd has had over  300 events, across over 200 cities in 67 countries, with over 45,000 attendees. The Caribbean Startup Digest will being first week February 2013 and will be published twice a month. You can sign up here. Each Caribbean Startup Digest will feature a mini profile on a Caribbean Startup as well as provide information on upcoming Meetups, Workshops, Classes, Competitions and Conferences happening across the region that is useful for aspiring and current tech entrepreneurs and startups.  You can submit your startups and events here. " This is again another step in putting the Caribbean Tech Industry on the global map and I know entrepreneurs, developers, designers will make full use of the information we publish," Riley said.

Most Caribbean Artists don’t seem to take the Online Game seriously at all or do they?

The presence of social networks have changed the way marketers and marketing functions happen in the entertainment industry. However, the markers of success remain the same - popularity ( fan base) and sales  - and the global presence offered by social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter presents a golden opportunity that many writers and musicians have exploited to their best advantage. Unfortunately, international artistes seem to be way ahead of their Caribbean counterparts, this is clear if you pay attention to their activities of both on Twitter and Facebook. 4927

Jamaican Sex Tapes, Technology and a few Tips

I am always singing the praise of technology and the internet, and carrying on about how an artist should make the best of the tools at his/her disposal. But, is there a case where the internet or the mobile phone might not be such good friends? If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of a sex tape scandal you might be tempted to say yes, and if you did, I’d say you’re being too hasty. A leaked sex tape is usually an embarrassing thing, and in the immediate backlash a costly thing, as in the case of former CVM Host Amelia "Milk" Sewell who lost her job, Lisa Hype who saw a parting of ways with the Gaza Alliance (and according to her subsequent song a loss of a rosy view of love), and in the case of Christopher “Johnny” Daley, the loss of his locks. Now there is no confirmation that Johnny cut his hair in response to or out of shame over the sex tape – what did he think we wouldn’t recognize him? – but it is a fact that he had locks for years, and then sex tape and braps locks cut off. 4818

What are QR Codes(Smart Tags), Who’s using them and What opportunities do they offer?

We had a conversation with DJ Afifa last week for SiliconCaribe Tv and she introduced me to QR Codes. Since then I’ve been noticing references to them all over; and that got me curious about who’s currently using them in Jamaica and the further possibilities for using them in interesting ways. What’s a QR Code? A QR (Quick Response) code is a two dimensional bar code that can be read by dedicated QR code readers and your smart phone. Embedded in the code can be any kind of data from URLs to contact cards. As a matter of fact if you’re a blackberry user you might be primarily familiar with them as an easy breezy way to add a new contact. QR codes have been around for a while - they were invented in 1994 in Japan and have been in use in the East, but more recently they’re becoming a trend in the western world. Although we love a trend to jump on, we can also be a little bit slow sometimes with adopting new technologies as well as documentation of its use. I looked around on the web and while I am sure there are a few people/businesses using QR codes already, all I was able to substantiate for current users in the Caribbean are: 4747

Climaxes: My True Jamaican Sex Story Online

We thought that would get your attention; but this isn’t a story about sex at all. This is about Richie Drenz and what he’s doing on the Internet. Usually a mark of successful Internet entrepreneurship is numbers; but I find what Drenz is doing so interesting that the numbers don’t matter. He is a Fashion Designer with a background in marketing, he’s juggling a number of projects and they all jump off from his Facebook page. Aside from his clothing line, Drenz is also writing a “True Jamaican Sex Story”, which appears on his FB page as teasers, one for each chapter. The teasers link to his blog which aside from the story features Music, Entertainment commentary according to Drenz, and a profile of Drenz. 4742

What is SociaLingua?

Indeed, “What is SociaLingua?” is the question I’ve been asking since I first saw those persistent ads pop up on my Facebook Homepage many moons ago. The ads were extremely effective, as when I first saw them I did want to know “What is SociaLingua?”. I clicked on the ad and was directed someplace - this was sometimes ago, I believe it was a Facebook page that also had an offsite link, and both told me absolutely nothing. I thought, well that’s interesting; someone is spending money just to ask a question but provide no answer. At the time I thought “sometimes we can be a little slow getting things done, so maybe next time I check there will be an answer”. Building the mystery about their product was a great plan until checked a few more times and still nothing. So I stopped checking. 4701

Vybz Kartel not being so smart about the Internet?

After all this hullabaloo Vybz Kartel must be thanking his lucky stars that someone invented the Internet, since it is turning out to be such a great agent of promotion for him. Various blogs, Facebook and twitter are perpetually aflutter with people opining about his activities, the latest being his UWI appearance, video of which has been shared 1240 times on Facebook. 4594

Top 10 Biggest Caribbean Facebook Fan Pages

I’m loving the fact that the Caribbean is showing a strong presence among Facebook’s Fan Pages. Over 500,000 Jamaicans, over 300,000 Trinidadians and it goes on. This list I created is dominated by music and sport -singular cause there’s only one - interests of Jamaica and the Spanish speaking Caribbean. In this list Barbados takes the number 1, spot, Bob Marley plays second fiddle to here on Facebook. #1 Rihanna Category: Band/Musician Fans: 26,590,202 Bajan singer Rihanna holds the # 1 spot with 26,590,202 fans. Yes, you read that right, and yes that is quite a following. Her page features music, videos, photos, her event calendar and “Loudest Fan” a promotion for her new album “Loud”. 4512

4 Useful Tools Caribbean Musicians can use to access American and European Markets

With the limitations of scale in the Jamaican music market, and the new measure of success moving away from CD sales to more of concert tickets, merchandise and digital downloads, most artists look toward other countries for exposure, fame and yes money. Used to be you needed to be or have a manager based overseas to capitalize on that market, but these days if you’re a savvy artist with the Internet, you’ll find that you can exploit a host of advantages yourself - and from ya’ad - with the help of a few nifty tools.  Here are a few that can help you if you’re looking toward the United States for fresh markets, distribution and gig bookings. 1. Facebook Any of the musicians who stayed behind on MySpace will tell you Facebook is not the best place to be if you’re a band. They just don’t offer the right tools, but that’s easily forgivable when they’re offering up the shiny gem of over 600 million users ripe for the picking. And now the new third part applications you can pull in such as reverbnation, the custom pages you can create that showcases your video, audio clips from soundcloud and others. Facebook is evolving into a space where you can build and interact with a fan base on what is touted as a killer marketing ecosystem. Facebook is a great jumping off point for your music. It allows you access to the people who like your music, others who can be introduced to