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Wireless 3.0 ?

What can travel faster than a speeding bullet, cover greater distances, penetrate through thick concrete walls, and "see" around corners, Super WiFi. June 2009 saw the end of the Analog TV (think rabbit ears antennas) era, and the emergence of Digital TV. This migration from analog to digital has made the old

JavaScript the New Cookie Monster

Long have we been told that cookie are how websites track your movement on the Internet. We have also been told that deleting your cookie would clear your tracks and you would have a clean slate. That still maybe true for several sites, but others have upgraded

Software Patents a RISK to the Jamaican and Caribbean ICT industry

If you haven’t been paying attention billionaire Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) is suing Apple, Google, Facebook, AOL, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo!, Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and YouTube over patent infringements. "A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state (national government) to an inventor or their assignee