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SOLD OUT! No Tickets left for Caribbean Bloggers Week Meetup in NYC!?

With 3 weeks still to go, Mikelah Rose, the Founder of and Host for the Caribbean Bloggers Week Meetup New York  reported to us that it is sold out! You can add yourself to the waiting list. On Saturday December 10th, 2016 Bloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Instagrammers, Tweeters, Snapchatters and

Caribbean Bloggers Week Meetups will be in 4 cities around the World. Got Your Tickets Yet?

This is the first year of SiliconCaribe’s Caribbean Bloggers Week. It will be staged on December 5th- 10th, 2016. It’s 90 percent virtual ( see schedule of online activities here) with Blogger Meetups in Kingston, Jamaica;  Port of Spain, Trinidad; New York City, USA and London, United Kingston on the

Got Digital Influence!? Then getLISTED in the Silicon Caribe’s Blog Directory

Got Digital Influence!? Then do more with It! Do you regularly create stunningly useful and engaging digital content? Do you have an audience that lives for every video, podcast, picture and post your make? Want to Work with Brands from around the World? Let them find you easier. Register your blog

The Women Behind SiliconCaribe’s Caribbean Bloggers Week

Five women, living in four cities spanning the Caribbean and Diaspora USA and Europe, who has a collective online influence of just over 5 million people, are the ones behind’s first annual Caribbean Bloggers Week. Being staged from December 5th to 10th, 2016, under the theme “ The Power of

If You Want to Dig Up Apple’s Secrets, Go to Jamaica ? Is Jamaica proud of this?

When it comes to Apple, Jamaica knows all. Quartz has an interesting report out today about Apple’s habit of filing trademark applications for new products, including macOS and the Apple Watch, in the Caribbean country. The reason? Secrecy, of course.  Jamaica is one of several countries where trademark databases aren’t easily

To my fellow Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs: The Reason You Don’t Deserve it

by Jermaine Henry I have started this blog because I feel compelled to share the lessons I learnt while I was working on my first startup (Agrocentral). My journey with AgroCentral was full of twists, turns and distractions however the experience was invaluable and taught me a lot about providing value

Entrepreneurship and Mental Health: A Caribbean Tech Entrepreneur’s Perspective

by Kenia Afreeka Mattis  Becoming an entrepreneur is you calling your future into a room and saying “listen buddy, there’s gonna be some drastic changes around here.” Rarely does your future simply acquiesce with a “yes sire.” For years, you get used to hearing “aww hellll no.” But still you push ahead,

The Horror! How Caribbean Startup Hivesource Accepts online payments in the Caribbean

By Wesley Gervais This is first part in a multi-part series revealing how we run the operations of Hivesource including some of the Challenges we’ve faced in our journey along with the solutions we’ve implemented to serve our customers.  Our hope is that this series not only helps establish a connection

Pitch AgriHack 2016 is Open To Caribbean Tech Startups Focused on Agriculture

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA), in collaboration with the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the support of partners including the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI) and mLab East Africa, is launching the pilot edition of Pitch AgriHack, a new component of its AgriHack Talent