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TREND FORUM: Understanding Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and the Rise of Cryptocurrency

We are happy to announce our new event, it's a Trend Forum called "Understanding Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and the Rise of Cryptocurrency". The purpose of the event is to educate, excite and connect people to the knowledge and opportunities of blockchain technology, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. WHY ATTEND Get in-the-trenches trends, facts and

( Web Show) Sun, Sea + Caribbean Mobile Trends

Sun, Sea + Caribbean Mobile Culture is the topic of my discussion this week on my weekly web show - THIS WEEK IN CARIBBEAN TECH - Watch the latest episode of THIS WEEK IN CARIBBEAN TECH – The Caribbean’s Weekly Tech Show. I have a thoughtful and exciting Caribbean Innovators, Talk

( VIDEO) Sun, Sea + Innovation – Why Net Neutrality is crucial to Caribbean Innovation + Entrepreneurship

Watch the latest episode of THIS WEEK IN CARIBBEAN TECH – The Caribbean’s Weekly Tech Show. Where host Ingrid Riley, Founder of SiliconCaribeMedia have thoughtful and exciting interviews with Caribbean Innovators, Talk Digital Trends and shares Caribbean Tech Events info. In This Episode 2 of Season #2 Ingrid about Sun, Sea


I'm always trend watching and connecting the dots to make meaning of how technology is intersecting and changing Industries in Jamaica and the Caribbean especially and I wrote a Facebook and Linked in Post recently that said: "You know...there are some Jamaican businesses..brands who don't know how much they've already

The #1 Reason the Caribbean MUST Retain Net Neutrality

The number one reason the Caribbean must retain Net Neutrality is simply cannot afford not to. Where we are in our #DigitalCaribbean development doesn't allow for us to be short-sighted and give in to the demands of industry players who want to hold back the inevitabilities of technology innovations, so they can

A Message to all of the IBM/NCB’s BlueHack participants using 6Cs

Hackathons are becoming common place in Jamaica and the Caribbean over these last 5 years especially. Slashroots were one of the first, if not the first organisation to have organised local and Caribbean wide hackathons. Then came a bunch of them driven by the priorities of development agencies out of

Video #2: From Our Founder Ingrid Riley: WHY We Do Silicon Caribe Media

Video #2 In the first video...I told you what we do at Silicon Caribe here is WHY we do it..We are a big believer in our emerging #DigitalCaribbean and the limitless possibilities it has for us all. Watch the full video to hear about our WHY. A post shared by

Meet The 10 Jamaican Startups Competing today in the DBJ+ Seedstars Kingston Pitch Competition

On Thursday October 26th, 10 of JAMAICA’s best seed stage startups will compete to represent the country at the Seedstars Summit and win up to USD 1 million in equity investment and prizes at the Global Summit. Seedstars World, the global seed-stage startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes


The Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) has partnered with Swiss based-company, Seedstars World and Silicon Caribe's tech startup event Kingston BETA -  to assist in identifying the best start-up to represent Jamaica in a regional and global competition where US$500,000 in investment awaits the global winner. Seedstars World which organises worldwide