Barbadian Government Web Database To Help Cut Supermarket Costs for Consumers

barbados When we at SiliconCaribe heard of this Barbadian Government Initiative, we did cartwheels! It also sounded alot like which we had been a beta user for a few months ago and now we await their official launch. So our only question is that will the Bajan Government make the data open and available for other developers in Barbados and also across the Caribbean?

TECH NEWS-Looking to shop around and find the best prices for your money? Well, in a matter of weeks persons will be able to go online and have access to food prices at the various supermarkets around the island.

Startup Transcel pushing to bring Mobile money closer to reality in Jamaica

transcelllogoMOBILE NEWS – Local mobile money facilitator, Transcel Limited has moved closer to bringing its service to the Jamaican market. The company recently closed a successful round of investment, securing capital to implement its service launch in Jamaica and to expand to other Caribbean markets.

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ConnectiMass in association with presents another in our series of HOW I DID IT! Where our host Ingrid Riley does a one on one interview style. This time around we have Stephen Spence, Founder and CEO of SMS Communications.

A 5 year old company in the Mobile Sector that’s come from launching in Jamaica to operating in 9 Caribbean countries and has won him many Jamaican and Regional awards. Hear his Entrepreneurial Journey and come with your questions and 5 friends. You won’t want to miss this.


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HackPR’ Links Companies With New Tech Talent

atTECH NEWS- The second edition of Puerto Rico’s biggest student-run hackathon, “HackPR,” took place over the weekend in Mayagüez, allowing technology amateurs and professionals showcase their skills before big name companies like Microsoft and Google, and also to local start-ups that are in the lookout for new talent that can satisfy their technological needs.
Company representatives got a first-hand look at participants working on either a free topic project or a specific problem that each corporation proposed to be solved. This platform also served as a place where the enterprises could display their own technological developments so contestants could use them during the competition.

The teams could either make something new with the products or better them. If company representatives liked what they saw, they could buy the end results or employ the developers to implement the ideas for them. More

St Lucians to benefit from major grant to support ICT incubator

internetsign copyThe government of Saint Lucia, through the Caribbean Regional Infrastructure Programme (CARCIP), will officially launch an EC$2.5 million grant instrument to support ICT business incubator services and training. The launch will take place on Tuesday April 8, 2014.

Funds allocated for the business incubator services component will support government’s efforts to nurture local innovation by providing financial support to technology- based small to medium sized enterprises. The goal is to develop a more sustainable entrepreneurial base by providing financing for business development activities aimed at promoting the creation of an ICT-enabled industry. More

Jamaica’s Agriculture getting Data Rich

TECH NEWS -CLIP enables users to send text messages to an automated system to ascertain whether agricultural produce was purchased from farmers registered with RADA and Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS). A receipt number is sent via text message to a server that queries the database and immediately pulls up information on a farmer.

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Kingston BETA February 2014

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6 Tips to Using the Internet to Fund Your Startup Idea

crowdfundingIn working with entrepreneurs and startups around the region, by far the main grievance aired is that they are not enough options to raise money to fund their startup dreams. Many have been burned or even given up entirely on the traditional banking avenues. That does not leave many local alternatives for someone ripe with raw creative talent, but limited in access to the capital and investment vehicles needed to translate ideas into sustainable businesses. But where local options are limited, the Internet now provides a world of possibility through crowdfunding.

Florida-based mobile app company mulls Jamaican-based BPO outfit

sg3TECH NEWS -Jamaica has the third-largest English-speaking population in the Western Hemisphere and is in the same time zone as the US East Coast, making it an attractive outsourcing destination, reckons David Mullings, the executive chairman of Apptitude that is evaluating the business processing outsourcing industry.

Haiti wants to use more ICTs in its public administration services

haitianflagTECH NEWS - During a recent press conference, Jean Marie Altéma,, Coordinator of the unit e-governance in the Office of Prime Minister, explained that in order to ensure transparency in public administration, and improve services and living conditions of the population the government is convinced that the use of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) is essential to improve the quality of services offered to the population.

A Burgeoning Hacker Culture in Haiti?

haitianflagTECH NEWS - Haiti’s first hackathon ever took place only one year ago, in February 2013, but since then students at the Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti (ESIH) have held two more hacking events and are even now forming a coding club called Enjoy.code. More than 100 students have applied to be a part of the new club. In an interview with techPresident, the Directeur Général of ESIH Patrick Attie talked about the burgeoning hacker culture in his school.