Caribbean Startup Ecosystem News Round-Up

I get a lot of emails, calls and have meetings every week with entrepreneurs, investors, mentors across the Caribbean Startup Ecosystem and the Diaspora. There is alot of activity going on and we all should be excited it about it. Having kick started the Jamaican Tech Startup Community back in

12 Ways Mobile Money Can Macro Impact The Caribbean

by Byron Gibson Despite current and projected continued global growth in electronic and mobile commerce, as a region with above average mobile penetration (approximately 128%) as well as world-class fibre and cellular data networks, the Caribbean has failed to capitalize on, and remains woefully low on electronic or mobile commerce activity.

#ICYMI: 5 Caribbean Tech Stories to Know Now

1.Digicel Play passes 10,000 subscribers in Jamaica Digicel Play has announced that it has surpassed the 10,000 subscriber mark in Jamaica just a few months after launch. With this milestone being reached well ahead of schedule, the company said this is a testament to the quality and strength of the service.

Resources: Where are the Caribbean’s Tech, Startup, Creative Communities Online ?

We get asked every few days where can I find app developers, do you know where some good bloggers can be found, are there any Women in Tech Groups? The answer is always they are all online- mostly between Facebook and Linkedin. Having been asked the questions continuously was why

How will we define the Caribbean Tech Startup Success Story?

The tendency to pay attention to startups that's targeting huge global markets is a bias of the venture capital culture worldwide, where thinking BIG in terms of market size is the primary focus.  For them, it has to be, it's how they get the return on their invested money when

Caribbean-led Startup MSurvey scores Seed Round from America-based CrossCulture Venture firm

The 3 year old Caribbean-led Startup M-Survey has scored funding with a seed round from CrossCulture Venture firm. MSurvey led by Co-f0under and CEO Kenfield Griffith, a Caribbean Native of Bajan/Montserratian decent and MIT Graduate was one of's op 25 Caribbean Startups to watch in 2015. MSurvey, is a mobile