Finger in the air: 5 reasons why Caribbean businesses are not as data-centric as they should be

Data analytics, business intelligence, market intelligence, are are buzzwords that have not truly taken root in Caribbean organisations. Here are five reasons why. Although we all know that we are living in the digital age, where information and data are increasingly critical to our daily lives, to a considerable degree and

What can Caribbean Telcos learn from the Verizon–Yahoo! deal?

The Verizon-Yahoo deal in the US might be a surprise to most, but could be pointing a new strategy that Caribbean telcos could adopt? Those who keep an eye on tech news in the United States (US) would be aware that global tech firm, Yahoo Inc., had been under performing for

Which Jamaican Stock Exchange Listed Companies shine in Business Blogging + 14 Reasons Why Your Caribbean Business Should Blog

Before I get into the Global, Business and Marketing reasons why every Caribbean Business Should blog, let me start with the definition of business blogging. ” Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility.” Then I will continue with our own regional

5 reasons why a Caribbean Digital Marketplace might be a good thing

Last week, at the fourth Latin American Telecommunications Congress in Mexico, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) called for the creation of a regional digital market. ECLAC was of the view that its creation would “enable increased connectivity for people and businesses, and facilitate

5 Cautions about the Caribbean’s increasing reliance on Call Centres and BPO

Although many Caribbean countries are looking to offshore outsourcing to rejuvenate their economies, it is not plain sailing. Here are five cautions. n these tough economic times, when unemployment is high, and traditional sectors are not generating the revenues desired, many Caribbean countries are looking to offshore outsourcing, specifically the call

Dr Gillian Marcelle, Caribbean National included as speaker in the inaugural United Nations Science, Technology and Innovation Forum

Dr. Gillian Marcelle, Executive Director of the UVI RTPark, the specialized economic development agency which aims to attract knowledge and technology-based companies to the US Virgin Islands, will be speaking at the United Nations Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)  Forum, which is a component of the technology facilitation mechanism launched

Just how affordable is Caribbean Internet broadband ?

Since May 2011, and following on from our most recent Snapshot of Internet speed and pricing, we have been regularly assessing the affordability of Internet broadband service across the Caribbean. Here, we update our findings on affordability, and discuss some of the changes that have occurred since the last exercise. Approach In

Jamaica Takes Lead in Regional Telecoms Talks, after Liberty Global Announces CWC Acquisition

KINGSTON, Jamaica—A multi billion-dollar telecommunications deal, touted as a significant growth opportunity for the Caribbean information and communication technology sector, has come under the scrutiny of the Jamaican government. Liberty Global announced the completion of its US$5 billion cash-and-stock takeover of Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC) on May 16. The combined