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The #1 Reason the Caribbean MUST Retain Net Neutrality

The number one reason the Caribbean must retain Net Neutrality is simply cannot afford not to. Where we are in our #DigitalCaribbean development doesn't allow for us to be short-sighted and give in to the demands of industry players who want to hold back the inevitabilities of technology innovations, so they can

A Message to all of the IBM/NCB’s BlueHack participants using 6Cs

Hackathons are becoming common place in Jamaica and the Caribbean over these last 5 years especially. Slashroots were one of the first, if not the first organisation to have organised local and Caribbean wide hackathons. Then came a bunch of them driven by the priorities of development agencies out of


I got an email recently asking me to join forces to do bootcamps, pitch competitions, selection and connection of the best Caribbean startups to Silicon Valley. Now, over the least 10 years I've been doing bootcamps,pitch competitions, tech startup related events, plus I've listened to and judged over 1,000 Caribbean

How can we save jobs in a more automated workplace?

Automation replacing certain jobs and tasks in the workplace is inevitable. We briefly discuss ways in which countries mitigate the impact. At the Jamaica 55 Diaspora 2017 Conference, held last month, Country Manager for global business process outsourcer, Sutherland Global Services, in Jamaica, Odetta Rockhead-Kerr, emphasised the need for

Free Wi-Fi: the three sides of the debate

The Sint Maarten Government is considering rolling out free Wi-Fi. The incumbent telecoms provider and regulator have stated their positions on the matter. We also add our two cents… In recent years, several Caribbean countries have expressed a desire to increase Internet access and use, with the expectation of improving digital

Why is the Caribbean still behind in conducting digital transactions online?

Without a doubt, the Caribbean still behind in conducting digital transactions online. We offer a few reasons why that is the case. In its 2016 study on Internet security and trust, the Centre for International Governance Innovation, a non-partisan think-tank, found that “a significant percentage of Internet users do not trust

Women in Technology-the benefits and challenges – The Smile Jamaica TV interview expanded

I was asked to come an interview this morning on Smile Jamaica, the leading morning show on Television Jamaica. The topic was Women in Technology-the benefits,the challenges and how can our government implement more opportunities within the ICT sector. Of course the interview Simone Clarke Cooper and Neville Bell can

Sexual Harassment In the Tech Industry. Observing Silicon Valley. Taking Stock in the Caribbean

So Uber's founder and CEO Travis Kalanick resigned the other day...ridding the company of his assholian energy surrounding his leadership style and him prevailing over a company wide culture of sexual harassment of women that's deep and long. Now Dave McClure Ceo and Co-Founder of 500 startups, a man who I


I honestly don't know why so many people are worrying about Travis Kalanick, founder and former CEO Uber. Or worse, some are making it seem almost noble that he stepped down as Ceo in the wake of high profile investor mutiny that followed a flood of reports of it's uber

This Week in Caribbean Tech Live Episode #04 on Facebook this Thursday

In the fourth episode of  This Week in Caribbean Tech Live on our Silicon Caribe Facebook this Thursday June 22, 2017, I have a lot of news and information on Caribbean Startups, Apps and Events. I will also discuss the status of Caribbean ecommerce and the call for regulation of