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(VIDEO) Sun, Sea and Digital Influence – Trends in Caribbean Influencer Marketing

Watch the latest episode of THIS WEEK IN CARIBBEAN TECH - The Caribbean's Weekly Tech Show. Where host Ingrid Riley, Founder of SiliconCaribeMedia have thoughtful and exciting interviews with Caribbean Innovators, Talk Digital Trends and shares Caribbean Tech Events info. In This Episode 1 of Season #2 Ingrid about Sun, Sea and Digital Influence -


1. The Facebook Algorithm changes as you know, has made the organic reach of your Facebook Page content fall off of a cliff.  Why? Facebook is now the number one ad platform in the world with over 1 billion users....BUT of the 60 million business that have pages, only 4 million

VIDEO: Do you know that name of the Caribbean Vlogger who scored a spot on the Billboard Chart ?

DO YOU KNOW #06 60 seconds of Caribbean Tech History with @ingridrileyjm Do you know the name of the Caribbean Vlogger who became a DJ and had one of his songs land in the #8 spot on the Billboard Reggae Chart? A post shared by Silicon Caribe (@siliconcaribe) on Sep 26,


In This Week's Episode #!4 of This Week in Caribbean Tech Live Caribbean Tech News Dominica-based School - NTRC’ Internet of Things Weather Monitoring Station wins Caribbean Award Usage Technologies To Roll Out Student-Tracking Software Is it good that Caribbean countries are getting into bed with Airbnb? and more Caribbean Startup Interview Heneka Watkis-Porter,

VIDEO: Do you know the name of that Caribbean Blogger Who Turned Their Blog into a Book and Hot YouTube Channel

Do you know the name of the Caribbean Food Blogger that turned his blog into a book and successful YouTube Channel? Watch this video as Ingrid Riley our founder of SiliconCaribe tells you some more about our emerging Digital Caribbean. A post shared by Silicon Caribe (@siliconcaribe) on Sep

WATCH: This Week in Caribbean Tech Show | Episode #13

In this Episode CARIBBEAN TECH NEWS -The Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme aka PitchitCaribbean is sending three Caribbean Startups to the Slush Global Impact Accelerator Event Jamaica will be changing THE COPYRIGHT ACT to protect digital privacy Musson Group is Building a Large Tech Park in Kingston, Jamaica Fresh Report is Out: What is the monthly

VIDEO: Do You Know: How many Caribbean Social Networks there were?

A post shared by Silicon Caribe (@siliconcaribe) on Aug 29, 2017 at 10:20pm PDT DO YOU KNOW #02 Do You Know HOW MANY CARIBBEAN SOCIAL NETWORKS there were when the trend was at its peak?. This is video No. 2 in a series of . Do You Know. videos with

This Week in Caribbean Tech Live Episode #04 on Facebook this Thursday

In the fourth episode of  This Week in Caribbean Tech Live on our Silicon Caribe Facebook this Thursday June 22, 2017, I have a lot of news and information on Caribbean Startups, Apps and Events. I will also discuss the status of Caribbean ecommerce and the call for regulation of

What Digital Personal Branding is and Isn’t For You. A Special post for Caribbean CEOs + Professionals.

Digital Personal branding is a leadership requirement, not a self-promotion campaign. It is about demonstrating the value you represent to your company and industry. Have you ever Googled your own name? What comes up for you ? You see those Google results, that is your Online Reputation. Let that sink in