We are the leading producer of Caribbean technology events and have been producing Caribbean Tech Events for Caribbean Startups, Caribbean Businesses and the Caribbean Tech Industry and Diaspora since 2007.

We’re done over 80 Meetups+ Pitch events, 3 Caribbean Tech Conferences, 3 Caribbean wide Hackathons, Mobile App Competitions, Online Twitter Chats and Startup Weekends. Then recently Caribbean Bloggers Week and in 2017 Caribbean Women in Tech Summit.

In 2016 we will add two more Caribbean Tech Events for the Region and Diaspora.


KingstonBETAlogoKingston BETA | Meetup + PitchOff

It’s the bi-monthly Jamaica’s Tech Community Meetup that kickstarted the Jamaican Startup Movement and Scene in 2007. Since then over 60 events, 6,000 attendees and over 200 entrepreneurs have pitched their technology ideas.

Aspiring and current Jamaican/Caribbean entrepreneurs, developers, designers, college students, tech professionals and investors attend the series – To Learn. Be Inspired. To Network. A better informed, connected, successful and recognised Jamaican tech community is resulting.