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Product Review: – a deal site for Jamaicans

blast jamaicaDaily Deals sites are all the range in North America. These sites drive an enormous amount of walk-in traffic to offline stores by offering huge discounts (typically 50%) to online users who redeem these discounts at the store. A few local entrepreneurs have ventured down this road before with very little success, however in BlastJa there seems to be someone who is finally doing it right.

Blast is a local deals website run by Lauren McClure and Alex Morrissey (of JamaicansMusic fame). For one, they have already enlisted a good compliment of vendors, from Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records to RIPT Gym. Second, they are requiring a minimum number of people for deals to become active and this is exactly how Groupon made it’s name. Because getting vendors is so important, it is also important to be known and seen. To this end Blast has done a very good job so far. They had a article about Blast in the Business Observer and they followed that up with a full fledged launch at Track’s & Records complete with demonstrations of how Blast will work. The launch was packed with business people and consumers alike.

Jamaican Tech Entrepreneur Alex Morrisey’s gets featured on

Alex Morrissey at Kingston BETA event

I remember when I met Alex Morrisey at a Kingston BETA event and I was encouraging him to pitch a startup business idea soon. He smiled and said I will have something to talk about soon. That he did. He had already launched and was taking it to another level before shouting it to the world. When he was in the throws of making his brand visible and remarkable he pitched it at Kingston BETA and shared his story of why, how and what it took and where he’s going.

He’s taken Jamaican music and culture to the world…using the Web. His story told to members of the Kingston BETA community, shared on, written on by Jamaican mainstream media is now beind told on a hugely popular online magazine that helps businesses answer social media questions with useful how to articles, in-depth case studies, expert interviews, and original research.
The article Facebook Geotargeting Draws 500,000 Fans for Small Biz just got published. Read it. We’re proud. These are the Jamaican/Caribbean Startup Success stories we are working to have more of. The Tech Industry will spawn economic development…startups, jobs and innovation for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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Video: Making a Passion for Reggae Music, Profitable

In this Episode #2 of Caribbean Tech Stars: Meet Alex Morrissey, founder of and the man that’s showing Reggae Music industry the future of marketing and connecting to music lovers worldwide. has a bigger Facebook fan base than that of Digicel, the largest telecom provider in the Caribbean.
He spoke about why he started it, how we managed school, work and growing the website. What he learnt along the way, what made him jump full time into making this pet project into a full time business. What other entrepreneurs need to know about growing a technology business from Jamaica.