Caribbean must get more involved in shaping global Internet policy

Amidst reports of increased cyber crime in Barbados, Information Technology professionals are on a drive to sensitise Internet users about the issue of internet governance.   The Geneva Internet Conference focusing on that topic took place in Switzerland on November 17 -19, and professionals from both the IT and legal arena,

Push for eCommerce in Barbados

TECH NEWS - THE SMALL Business Association (SBA) is pushing e-commerce in a big way and as such has formed partnerships to enable its members to more fully utilise the technology. Business operations manager Andrea C Taylor said the SBA was working with both banks and Government in this regard. “We

40% of the Barbadian population are on Facebook

Barbados I keep hearing has the most sophisticated IT infrastructure in the Region. Hence why they can make bold mission statements that they are gunning to be the #1 hub for entrepreneurial activity worldwide. Hmmm. Are they social? We found that there are now 107,500 Bajans on Facebook as of

Top 10 Barbadian Tweeters with the Most Followers

The top 10 Barbadian Tweeter list was developed by this single directory, which is the leading Twitter Directory using a single determinant- how many followers/subscribers does each Tweeter have. I used the most popular country tag “Barbados” to develop

eCommerce to enter new phase in Barbados

This follows the forging of a new partnership between international payment and risk management solutions provider, First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), and the Bank of Nova Scotia, a deal that enables merchants here and in six other Caribbean countries to do more business online. In what the two enterprises are calling new in the dotcom deadpool? the new frontrunner

We first wrote about the Barbados-based company – (the Caribbean News Social Network where you can share, discover, bookmark, and promote Caribbean stuff that’s important to you) when they were weeks old. The fresh-faced Caribbean startup which launched in July 2007 was mapping the global online trend of news