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Opinion: What’s up with WhatsApp?

WhatsAppWhatsApp, the  little app that could. When I came across WhatsApp for my android phone over a year ago there were only 3 people in my contact list that I could speak to. Back then BlackBerry was the supreme leader (and to some still is). But now 90% of my contact list is using the service, wow. Even my BlackBerry friends are using it, but in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, people are using just about any and every service that is available.
Watching Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp on All Things D conference – Dive into mobile, the tech community have learned some interesting stuff about the little company. Jan has pointed out some interesting statistics on users and messaging traffic, 8 billion inbound, 12 billion outbound messages and over 200 million monthly users. To make a comparison to bring this to light, they have more monthly users than Twitter, and more messages on mobile than Facebook. Jan didn’t want to go into more details but with claims like that no wonder there are rumors of Facebook and now Google trying to buy the company.

10 key mobile trends in the marketplace now by William Stofega at the Be Mobile Conference


Be Mobile Conference by Blackberry #bemobile

I’m in South Beach, Miami for the Be Mobile Conference staged by Blackberry. I’m here with 64 other Caribbean and Latin American bloggers and journalists invited to this event. It’s been chuck full of information on Mobile Trends, the Impact of Mobility in Our Lives and Mobile Computing Forecast on this first half of the day. I’ve been live tweeting under my own name @ingridriley and you can also follow the conversation via the hashtag #bemobile.

The Future of Mobile is the Platform – So does there need to be a clear winner?

mobileplatformsA Rush to Marketplace

The mobile ecosystem has never been so rich with diversity. With a combination of hardware, software and services, a mobile device in your hands today provides a great deal more than any PC (personal computer)
you have ever bought. This is why it is the target of software vendors such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and lots more, each providing their own solution to the mobile environment. With such a rush to mobile devices, tech leaders around silicon valley and the world has claimed the future to be mobile. To support these new mobile
platforms, cloud services/software have been developed with the call to developers world wide to step up to the challenge.

Gadget Review: Samsung Galaxy S 111 A Solid, Sexy Swipe at the iPhone and Blackberry

This Samsung Galaxy 111 is an initial and massive missive into the Blackberry World that is Jamaica and the Caribbean. The  Samsung Galaxy 11 was a whisper, the 111 now, is a jump, scream and shout of a product and here’s why. I got the phone at the Samsung launch in Kingston with its local partner Digicel. It was just before I left for London vacation, so it was a great time of summer with the Olympics and all, to give this phone a good workout. So my review reflects how I used it, what I loved most and what I discovered by accident as well. Hence the Sexy, the Screen, the Camera, The ScreenShot, the MicroSim experience mini headings.

The Sexy

At first look the phone seems big, because the  huge screen. That big screen is perfect for photo and HD video playback, reading articles and documents on the go and not to mention fantastic for gamers. But let me start with that first catches your eye with this Phone, it’s sexy. This casing I have is the glossy marble white, but it’s when you switch to the Apps screen and those icons pop out at you in vibrant technicolour that you smile.

WANTED: The Caribbean, by Blackberry, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy…who will win ?

The Contenders: Galaxy S II, iPhone 4S, Blackberry All Touch Torch

Blackberry is spending more time and energy securing their lion share of the smartphone market in Jamaica and the Caribbean. 70% is the stat that I was told. LIME is about to launch the iPhone 4S, we were invited to the exclusive unveiling this Friday so we’ll tell you if Siri can speak patois and of course Samsung is making a push in the Caribbean with their Google Android OS phones – the Galaxy S II.

So that’s three distinct mobile platforms and smartphone brands making a push for market share here. Clearly the Caribbean is a sweetspot to own.

Who do you think will win the hearts and mind share of the Caribbean people in the end? Who will we crown king?



Interesting Facts

Blackberry September 2011 celebrated 70 million Blackberry subscribers worldwide

Samsung sold 300 million handsets in 2011

iPhone sales hit over 100 million by end of 2011

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Blackberry celebrates 70 Million BlackBerry subscribers globally…but

Research In Motion (RIM) now has 70 million global BlackBerry subscribers and they celebrated that fact with a video that highlighted some of our customers’ successes, including how individuals, businesses, governments, start-ups and charities are all using BlackBerry to work for good in their lives and in their communities around the world.
Recently, RIM has been getting a trouncing in the market from Apple’s iPhone and also Samsung Galaxy Phones. Then just this week,Amazon introduced their new Kindle Fire an ereader and tablet all in one, which Techcrunch declared as the winner in the Android Tablet market. RIM’s own Playbook had not shipped as many units as thought and in response to the new Kindle price, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook went on sale yesterday at Best Buy. The 16GB model dropped to $299 from $499. So it’s been a rough year for RIM, the question is, can they innovate themselves out of this ? We know in this tech world, market leaders are toppled and laggards can retain their number one slots. Let’s see what gives over the next 3-6months.

How to SMS, Chat with friends across iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia platforms for free

WHAT’S APP is a godsend when you have friends flung across the various phone platforms – Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia. It’s a free mobile messaging app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia. You can use it to send text, video, images, audio for free.

How come? Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. It also works with Wifi. In addition to basic messaging iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry WhatsApp Messenger users can send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages. Download it here.

SlashRoots TV gives details on the RIM/Digicel Blackberry App Contest

More Blackberry Playbook Tablets to be released later 2011

Research in Motion announced yesterday at the Mobile World Congress that they will be releasing two more Blackberry Playbook tablets in the second half of this year- one with LTE and one with HSPA and networking technlogy. Maybe this does sorta validate the rumours that Apple is likely to relrease multiple versions of the iPad this year as well. While the Blackberry Playbooks are expected to ship in April/May this year as too the Appe iPad 2, let’s not forget a number of Android-based challengers such as the Motorola Xoom and the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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We’re Live Blogging from Washington DC: The App Economy: How mobile developers attract users, win fans and make money

Calling all Caribbean Developers, Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs, Join Suzette Gardner, SiliconCaribe’s Washington DC-based contributor on Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM EST for live blogging from Google’s Washington DC Office as technologists gather to discuss, The App Economy: How mobile developers attract users, win fans and make money”. We’ll share insights from successful app developers about this innovative new sector. How does someone go from creating mobile apps as a hobby to a full-time job? What kinds of apps are most popular with consumers? What’s the difference between paying to download an app and making your app free but showing ads? How are app developers making money from their creations? And where is this new growth area going?

Panel: Leon Palm, Developer, Google Public Sector Team; Ken Yarmosh, Analyst, Developer, & Author: App Savvy (O’Reilly Press); David Smith, Developer, AudioBookShelf; Natalia Luckyanova, Developer, Harbor Master; Robert Sarvis, Developer, Wertago.

Live Blogging right here on Join us then!

Digicel’s Blackberry business up 135%, revenues up to US$2.2 billion

The Caribbean’s largest mobile telephone service provider Digicel put in a creditable performance for the financial year ended 31 March 2010 which saw the Group posting revenues of US$2.2 billion, representing a 12 per cent gain year-on- year and a compound annual growth rate of 24 per cent from 2007 to 2010 when all Digicel markets are included.

Notably Digicel was able to increase its subscriber base by 15 per cent to 10.8 million across 32 markets. More