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The Shift: I’m Catching up on my Facebook Mail?

Who would have thought those six words would have come out of my mouth. Is this the case with you too?  I'm finding that most of my communications with colleagues old and new, my community of entrepreneurs, bloggers, friends are now on Facebook...not by email so much. I find that

RIM Dances Into a New Market With BlackBerry 6.0

RIM's released video footage of its upcoming BlackBerry 6.0 software--its answer to Android and iPhones. The interface itself is a little unsurprising, but the message behind the vid is clear: RIM is cool, and not just for business stiffs. We already described how the BlackBerry hardware is

Android Jumps Past iPhone in US Mobile Web Use

Android is still lagging behind the iPhone in marketshare, with only 9% market penetration in the US (iPhone is around 25%). But according to new numbers from online ad giant AdMob, Android actually passed the iPhone in mobile web use this month. This is all US-only--internationally,

Digicel Caribbean by Numbers…

I attended the 8th annual Caribbean MBA Conference last week held at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston. At the luncheon the Ceo of Digicel Jamaica spoke and gave a great keynote speech and I gathered a bunch of stats. Here are some of the more interesting numbers. 2302

Distimo, the Google Analytics for Mobile Applications

With all the mobile app stores that have sprung up in the past year, developers and brands have a raft of new ways to reach mobile users. As is so often true, however, opportunity brings new challenges, and in this case it's monitoring sales and performance across all those platforms.