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Why “The Power of Digital Influence” is the Theme for our Caribbean Blogger’s Week 2016

When we first published our intention to stage our first annual Caribbean Blogger's Week in December 5-10th, 2016, we shared that this year's theme is "The Power of Digital Influence." And so what is Digital Influence? Techopedia defines Digital Influence as " the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors,

Press Release 2.0 – Using Old Tools in New Ways

When was the last time you read a press release? Unless you wrote it, your answer is most likely “never”. Five years ago press releases were necessary for industry analysts, stakeholders and journalists to get wind of what organizations were up to. Today, few writers are grabbing press releases from

How to Save Money on an Online Startup

If you are starting an online startup company, there are a number of ways you can save money. Saving money early on in the startup process can mean the difference between your startup company making it big or your startup running out of money before it can hit its stride. Here – the Caribbean’s First Blog Network

Cariblogger launched about two months ago and currently has 129 blogs and 615 posts. The site is the idea of an all-Caribbean team – Trinidadian, Bajan and Guyanese whose business case for starting this venture can be summed up like this “The Caribbean has about 44 million people put together.

Blogging company Six Apart lays off 8 percent

Blogging may have been invented during the last recession, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from tough economic times. Six Apart, the San Francisco startup that offers Movable Type blogging software and TypePad blogging services, just announced it’s laying off 8 percent of its staff. More


I happened upon this post on one of the blogs I read daily, It was guest blogged by Jim from This is my 4th year into blogging and it was a cool reminder. Have a read and tell me what you think. The article starts out with a