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Watch Episode #5 of THIS WEEK IN CARIBBEAN TECH LIVE Broadcast

Watch Episode#5 of This Week in Caribbean Tech Live Broadcast, hosted weekly, every Thursday by Ingrid Riley on Facebook. In this Episode: Haiti Tech Summit, Ben Horowitz; Artificial Intelligence and BPO Jobs in Jamaica; The cost of Internet Service in the Caribbean; Ganjagram Startup; four Caribbean Tech events coming and a funny social media trend we spotted this week. Watch the broadcast every Thursday 1 p.m. EDT, 2 p.m. EST. live on SiliconCaribe's Facebook Page. We are all about covering and promoting our emerging #DigitalCaribbean. We clearly are headed in the right direction! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who watched Episode #4 of This Week in Caribbean Tech Live last week Thursday. We got lots of compliments on the great content and we are happily getting better and better each week. These countries had the largest live audience: Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana. Barbados, Grenada, St Kitts, Antigua, USA and Canada. And while I am saying than you, I want to acknowledge our blog readers. These are the Top 10 Countries in our Fan and Readership-base. 1. Jamaica 2. Dominican Republic 3. Trinidad and Tobago 4. USA 5. Barbados 6. Suriname 7. Guyana 8. Martinique 9. UK 10. Canada OUtside of these 10 countries, we have blog readers from 45 countries around the world covering the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Latin America, African continent. It’s good to know that our readership and fanbase are largely millennials, representing 65% followed by GenXers at 20%. Thanks to every single one of you! All 30,000 of you monthly readers.