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REPORT: ConnectiMass + CIDA+InfoDev = Caribbean BETA 2012 Startup BootCamp (Jamaica)

Without question, Jamaica and the Caribbean tech entrepreneurs are on their way to making their mark in their own nations, region and the world and tech conferences like Caribbean BETA and its Pitchfest competition is geared towards helping them become more successful. This year we added the Startup Bootcamp to the attendees sharpen their game after competing in the Pitchfest and for what we know is a busy 2013 season.

Sponsored by CIDA, InfoDev & JAMPRO – The Objectives were to help any aspiring and current entrepreneur with a tech-driven idea to move further, faster from where they currently are along their startup journey. Their ideas could be ones that leveraged the internet, mobile or social platforms for example- a website, web app, mobile service, mobile app and gaming. It was open to anyone, any Caribbean country, any age.

There were 35 attendees from 3 Caribbean Countries ( Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas).

Jamaica Startup BootCamp opens support track to fledgling startups

Tech Entrepreneurship Conference | Jamaica

In order to help Jamaican mobile startups leap from great prototypes to profitable companies, infoDev and Caribbean BETA will launch Jamaica Startup BootCamp—a two-month-long pitching challenge with virtual business coaching—on November 17-18, 2012.

The challenge will launch over a weekend-long event at the New Kingston Headquarters of Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) as part of the second annual Caribbean BETA—a premier conference for the tech entrepreneurship community in Kingston, Jamaica, and the region, staged by Connectimass, an organization driving tech entrepreneurship and innovation in the Caribbean.

To register for the Startup BootCamp launch weekend and for more information on the program, visit the official site.

The Startup BootCamp will bring intensive, interactive mentoring by industry experts to the region’s mobile app innovators, aspiring and new entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts. more

The Caribbean BETA – Tech Entrepreneurship Conference eFlyer

What’s the real message behind this Caribbean BETA -Tech Entrepreneurship Conference?

The real message behind why we do Caribbean BETAis that we want more people to come to know, understand and take action because of these two things things:

– that because we are now all living in the Digital Age, the playing field has become more level, the opportunities are greater and there are now many, many more routes to creating and finding jobs, owning a business and achieving personal success.

-that, while building reciprocal and meaningful network of  business relationships will always be essential, having access to utilities of the internet and mobile phone and their ability to connect you to people, ideas and opportunity – means you are now more in charge of what you know, who you know and how far you go than ever before. So being connected online, is not just about entertainment anymore…but also about education and entrepreneurship.


There are now 10 confirmed tech entrepreneurs competing in Caribbean BETA Pitchfest. Entered as yet?

We have 10 confirmed contestants for Caribbean BETA Pitchfest 2012. Have you entered as yet? The deadline for entering is Friday November 9th, 2012. Enter here . Last year we had 17 finalists, a top 5 and then 3 winners. Where will you be? Who were last year’s winners? Check them out here.

Are you an aspiring or current tech entrepreneur ? Do you have a great tech-driven business idea or existing prototype that uses the internet, mobile or social platforms ? Want to win cash, connections, development support and bragging rights from angel/venture investors, founders of tech accelerators and tech incubators?

Enter Caribbean BETA’s 2012 BETA PitchFest Contest. The Caribbean BETA PitchFest is where the smartest minds and most passionate people come to pitch their big ideas that can solve problems and create opportunities. They do it for cash, connections and the braggable of having the Top Caribbean Tech Idea for 2012.


Caribbean BETA Startup Bootcamp.

ConnectiMass which stages Caribbean BETA in association with InfoDev will be staging a 2 day Startup Bootcamp on Saturday November 17th and Sunday November 18th at JAMPRO Training Room in Kingston, Jamaica. You don’t want to miss this. It’s an entire Bootcamp, mentoring, competition and prizes process you will want to be apart of. It’s only $1,000jmd in total includes refreshments. Get more details here

CALL for Caribbean Tech Ideas: Enter to compete in the Caribbean BETA PitchFest

Are you an aspiring or current tech entrepreneur ? Do you have a great tech-driven business idea or existing prototype that uses the internet, mobile or social platforms ? Want to win cash, connections, development support and bragging rights from angel/venture investors, founders of tech accelerators and tech incubators?

Enter Caribbean BETA’s 2012 PitchFest Contest.
Submissions now open. Submissions end on November 12th, 2012

How to Enter
1. Read the rules of the competition.
2. Complete form below.
3. Attend our free How to Pitch Bootcamp ( 2hrs). You will be email date and venue.
4. Get ready to Pitch and Win.
5. If you want, check out who won last year.

Deadline is November 12th, 2012

Sign up here

KeyStone Augusta – gives $500,000 to become a Diamond Sponsor of Caribbean BETA

L-R: Bianca Welds, Special Projects Manager ( Keystone AUgusta), David Mullings, Managing partner  ( Keystone Augusta) and Ingrid Riley, Founder of ConnectiMass

At Kingston BETA last Thursday ( October 4th, 2012), David Mullings, Managing Partner of KeyStone Augusta presented Ingrid Riley, Founder of ConnectiMass, the social venture that stages Kingston BETA bimonthly meetups and Caribbean BETA- The annual Tech Entrepreneurship Conference -with a cheque for $500,000jmd. Keystone Augusta continues to be a great supporter of the Jamaican tech Community and this is the second time they are sponsoring the conference.

EVENT: The next Kingston BETA is on Thursday October 4th 6:30pm at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

The next Kingston BETA will be on Thursday October 4th, 2012, 6:30pm at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Talk of the Town 17th Floor.

This is the last Kingston BETA event for 2012 as we end of the year as usual with our annual Tech Entrepreneurship ConferenceCaribbean BETA slated for Friday November 16th, 2012.

You have to attend this edition.

What I learnt from attending #TechHUbTuesday Demo Night in London


I went off on holidays for 3 weeks in London and with newly made relationships in the London/EU Tech Scene I decided to attend London’s leading tech community meetup and demo night. It’s called #TechHubTuesday and it’s based at the Google Campus. It was held on August 7.

Billed to be 2 hours long including networking and solely demos/pitches as we at Kingston BETA also call it. It was £6 to get in for TechHub members and those who follow them on Twitter and £9 for those are not members and are not Twitter followers. So that’s $828jm and $1,242. They use for you to register, pay by credit card/paypal and check in to attend the event, you print your ticket, present it at welcome desk, you are given roll of name tags to write your name, tag yourself and you’re in.

The room is set up theatre style with the TechHub and Google branding with a small at the back of the room bar serving Stella Artois beer, white and red wine and chips, or what the Brits call Crisps. People network before, while others connect to the WIFI to start tweeting using tech hashtag #techhubtuesday.

The Setup

The host is a woman and there is another young woman who is the volunteer floor runner who helps in getting the wireless mic to attendees with questions is Bailey @baileytalks. She welcomes everyone to #TechHUbTuesday Demo Night, states that there will be six demos/pitches tonight, how long each entrepreneurs is allowed to pitch – 3 mins and then more minutes of questions there after. And they pretty much stick with that plan.

The Next Kingston BETA is Thursday April 26th, 2012

Kingston BETA community

Kingston Beta, the bimonthly Event staged in Jamaica, connected to the Caribbean and Diaspora – is a platform for startups, entrepreneurs, developers, designers and tech professionals – to learn, be inspired and network.

It’s become the hub for the movers and shakers in the Jamaican and Caribbean Tech Community. Over 40 events have been held, that over 2500 people attended and have seen over 80 Jamaican and Caribbean technology startups pitch their new businesses ideas. We’ve kicked off a tech entrepreneurship movement in Jamaica and growing across the Caribbean.

The next one is Thursday March 26th, 2012 at our home The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel starting with networking at 6:30pm. It’s $500 for regular peeps. $200 for college students with ID.

This is the second of our 5 bi-monthly events that will end the year with Caribbean BETA- The annual Tech Entrepreneurship Conference in November. Our year long theme is “Startup Local, Think Global” . Each Kingston BETA event will have a guest speaker (local,regional and global)/panel, a BETA Pitch Contest and networking with the smartest minds in the industry.

Where is Silicon Caribe and how do you get there?


Back in 2007, I reinvented my then two year-old blog and renamed it That was deliberate. It was a reflection of what I saw  bubbling up around me, what I was hearing from colleagues and also, I always believed that the Caribbean could become a hot spot of tech driven startups and innovation, just like Silicon Valley in the United States. Maybe I had been reading too much Fast Company and Red Herring magazines.

Yet I believed what I’ve been saying  alot last year, that we will deliver to the world, a tech equivalent of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt….pardon to my Caribbean friends for only using Jamaican references here…but you understand what I’m getting at right?!