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Where is Silicon Caribe and how do you get there?

Back in 2007, I reinvented my then two year-old blog and renamed it That was deliberate. It was a reflection of what I saw  bubbling up around me, what I was hearing from colleagues and also, I always believed that the Caribbean could become a hot spot of

Top 10 Most Read blog posts on in 2011

Yeah it's that time of the year when we look back, review analytics and create lists showing what was important to our readers. This top 10 list reflects what our readers found most interesting to read and share over 2011. 1. Reggae Music Lessons: Top 3 Reasons Reggae Music Sales Suck

One week to go to for Caribbean BETA Tech Entrepreneurship Conference

Caribbean BETA - The first of its kind Tech Entrepreneurship Conference is exactly a week away. Amazing keynote speakers, influential panelists, a 15 contestant Startup Contest and an after party. Kingston becomes a digital city in 7 days time. Website: tttp:// Twitter: @caribbeanbeta Twitter hashtag: #caribbean beta

‘Opportunities ripe’ for tech investments in Jamaica

MARC Canter, founder of the US multibillion-dollar computer software company that introduced flash technology, says opportunities are ripe for technology startups in Jamaica, which he feels possibly has a better investment climate than the US right now. In an exclusive interview with the Business Observer on Monday, the renowned entrepreneur

Silicon Valley Comes to Jamaica – Michelle Messina to speak at Caribbean BETA

The opening keynote speaker for Caribbean BETA Tech Entrepreneurship Conference is Michelle Messina, Vice-President of International Business Development of the Silicon Valley-based Guidewire Group. GuideWireGroup focus is to provide startups, their supporters, and those who do business with them with the tools, data, networks and programs they need to discover,

Who is a Tech Entrepreneur? Any in the Caribbean?

Who is a Tech Entrepreneur? Typically defined, a tech entrepreneur is a woman or man who applies their ideas using  technology. Over the years the technologies being used have primarily been the Internet and the mobile phone/device. So if you  surf online or use a mobile phone chances are you