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Who are the Top 12 Jamaican Twitterers ?

Twittermania has gripped the world and the Caribbean and Jamaica are no different. Last week I wrote a post on the Top 12 Caribbean Twitterers, now I'm going country specific for a hot minute. Again, I used, which is a user-powered Twitter directory to track how many twitterers we

Mainstream media…ahh no! Online media…ohhh yeah !

The relevance of mainstream coverage seems not to be an issue for this Internet Generation. I recently attended a rehearsal meeting for an upcoming event. About 10 people gathered to run through the agenda and to meet who was doing what and when. Then one person asked…so is the media

Free Press Release Submission Websites for the Caribbean

I'm in the middle of creating an online publicity campaign for a client and found three free Caribbean-focused press release submission websites - which was the first PR wire of the Caribbean which is based in New York, which is out of Barbados and then we have Jamaica-based – another Caribbean blog network launches

CUBlogz is another Caribbean blog network that just launched and was spawned from an American-based group of Caribbean Americans. They've branded themselves the Official Caribbean blog Network "where the best of the best in the Caribbean web scene reside (their blogs anyway )." They went on to say on their in the dotcom deadpool? the new frontrunner

We first wrote about the Barbados-based company – (the Caribbean News Social Network where you can share, discover, bookmark, and promote Caribbean stuff that’s important to you) when they were weeks old. The fresh-faced Caribbean startup which launched in July 2007 was mapping the global online trend of news