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Why “The Power of Digital Influence” is the Theme for our Caribbean Blogger’s Week 2016

When we first published our intention to stage our first annual Caribbean Blogger's Week in December 5-10th, 2016, we shared that this year's theme is "The Power of Digital Influence." And so what is Digital Influence? Techopedia defines Digital Influence as " the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors,

Which Jamaican Stock Exchange Listed Companies shine in Business Blogging + 14 Reasons Why Your Caribbean Business Should Blog

Before I get into the Global, Business and Marketing reasons why every Caribbean Business Should blog, let me start with the definition of business blogging. ” Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility.” Then I will continue with our own regional

Searching for New Business Opportunities in the Caribbean?

Yeahhh we're working ourselves out of this recession local, regional and global, and while a positive attitude, perseverance and persistence are totally necessary, we need information too. So if you're the kind of entrepreneur or business that love to tender for contracts then and should be useful. Both sites