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Caribbean BPO 2.0 – Is Our Software Development Sector Prepared for the Future?

by Egbert v. Frankenberg In the age of online communication, service driven industries can be anywhere on the planet. No longer are tangible products the only commodity that is "Made in Elsewhere". BPO industries in India, Eastern Europe and many other developing countries have benefited from the global technological advancements  in communication and

Two big Tech Conferences in the Caribbean next Week – One for Caribbean Developers and the other for Caribbean Businesses

I don't think they planned it that way, but April 10-12 are three action packed days for the Caribbean Developer Community and Caribbean Businesses. Caribbean Digital Expo | April 10-11, 2013 On April 10th, the Caribbean Digital Expo staged by the Chike Farrell-led company Caribbean Ideas, will have its second annual conference

SlashRoots is Developing the Caribbean:… across 3 Countries…with 1 Amazing Conference

The annual SlashRoots Developers Conference is on, this January 26th-27th with the theme "Developing The Caribbean. After scoring 400 attendees over 2 days and 15 developer teams for its Code Print competition in 2011 it's inaugural year,in 2012 it grows Caribbean. The SlashRoots “Developing the Caribbean” Conference/Developers Competition is the first

Jamaican tech entrepreneur Jerome Campbell launches Blackberry Messenger App Shop PING

Jamaican tech entrepreneur Jerome Campbell, Ceo of Jacx Technologies launches Blackberry Messenger App Shop PING! Shop PING! is a BlackBerry® Classifieds App for Jamaica that makes it easy for BlackBerry® smart phones users to easily view and post classifieds listings such as: -Auto -Real Estate -Employment -Phones -Services -Merchandise -Miscellaneous -Events This

New Web TV Show ./roots/TV launches with an interview with Exterbox, the mini-google growing in Jamaica

In the inaugural episode of ./roots/TV we talk to Rohan Smith, co-founder of Exterbox. Smith’s self-described “mini-google”, develops both embedded solutions and web sites. Their current marquee product is a laser fencing system that helps to guard against praedial larceny. Tune in to hear more about Exterbox, embedding solutions, and