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Review of Miami Event on social media for entrepreneurs - Join Successful Entrepreneurs invited me to be one of four presenters at an entrepreneur event in Miami earlier this month. They had found out about me via social media and I was the first Caribbean entrepreneur they have ever presented, having had over 100 events around the world. The website currently has just over 1 million registered users from over 180 countries. The presentations were to answer some specific questions they had sent to us, including how we use social media to promote ourselves, how we use the channels for business, why we started our business and key lessons along the way.

Once I completed my presentation I realized that I could easily convert the information, combined with my many digital marketing presentations, and turn it into a short book, then list it in the Amazon Kindle Store and Apple iBooks store for sale, promoting it at the event just like what other speakers do. Random Media, one of my ventures, does distribute eBooks so it would be easy to execute. The day before the event I wrote the book, had my wife, Kathryn, design the cover (I co-founded Kaizen Interactive with her and she has a Bachelor’s in Digital Arts). I uploaded the book at 4pm, set the price at US$2.99 and by midnight a friend posted on Facebook that he had bought it and loved it.