Slashroots to stage a HackZika Hackathon in Jamaica This Weekend!

The Chikungunya virus since its spread across the Caribbean region has infected a suspected 1,379,788 individuals across 43 countries and territories. The more recent Zika Virus has the potential to become an equally alarming national outbreak. In response to this global challenge and the region’s exposure to these viruses, the 2016

The real cost of violating net neutrality in the Caribbean

OPINION- A recent move by two major Caribbean mobile providers to block access to Internet-based telephony services—including several popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications—has brought the issue of net neutrality to the attention of Caribbean mobile phone users. The core principle of net neutrality is that Internet service providers should

US$28 Million for Technology and Innovation Project

TECH NEWS - Some $28 million has been earmarked in the country’s 2014/15 budget to fund activities aimed at improving the levels of innovation in the Caribbean. The anticipated targets this fiscal year for the Improving Innovation Capacities in the Caribbean Project involve selecting four high schools and four primary