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Do You Know The Name of the First Caribbean Social Network and Who Started it?

For the next couple of months as our 10th Anniversary unfolds, we will be sharing with you a bit of Caribbean Tech History, Caribbean Internet History. You can look for it every Tuesday and Thursday here on our blog and also on Instagram. Over the next few weeks we will be taking some Caribbean Tech History form blogs we wrote from 2007. We know you are going to enjoy it, share it and comment on it all. So happy to have you taking this journey with us. And so with that, here is the first one. Having read that, let it sink in. Yes, Rodney started in 2004. That was the year Facebook only had 1 million active users. CaribbeanMassive was like a Caribbean Facebook and even had videos back too. It stayed in the market for years before hitting the deadpool. Additionally, as I talk about Caribbean Social Networks, do you know we had quite a few of them, I wrote an article  Top 20 Most Popular Caribbean Social Networks  back in 2011. Have a look. And as for Rodney, he is a successful Caribbean Tech Entrepreneur still based in St Kitts and Nevis with this company eCaribbean Ltd. We love these walks down the Caribbean Tech History, it gives us people and things to celebrate and a perspective of how far we have come and how much we have done. Follow the #CaribbeanTechHistory and #SCis10 hashtag over the next few weeks and months. And if you have any cool facts to share

Top 20 Most Popular Caribbean Social Networks (Updated)

The Caribbean is on Facebook and the stampede to connect there happened pretty much in the last year in particularly. There are now collectively just under 5 million Caribbean people on Facebook as of March this year, out an estimated 15 million Caribbean internet users ( based on InternetWorldStats data). Before Facebook however, and during the era of and VibesConnect, Caribbean Social Networks bloomed. We had published this Top 20 Caribbean Social Networks a year ago. We wanted to revisit to see which sites are still around and if there were any brave new ones on the scene. 4809

46 social media sites for Caribbean entrepreneurs

We found this list on and added our Caribbean information to it for our global Caribbean audience.They had 25 social media sites. We added 21 Caribbean Social Media sites to make it more useful for us. If you’re a entrepreneur who has been seduced by social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you may realize the benefits of using these basic tools to finding and staying in touch with business partners, employers and customers, along with learning new information. 2105

With the global dominance of Facebook,do Caribbean Social Networks matter?

Will Caribbean social networks become irrelevant as more Caribbean people continue to flock to Facebook to date, congregate and market their businesses ? There are now over 20 Caribbean-centric social sites and networks...which ones will grow, make money and be still relevant in a year's time and which ones will fade to black? 1607