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VIDEO: DO You Know the Name of the No. 1 Trinidad site visited by Trinis since 2007?

DO YOU KNOW #5 Caribbean Tech + Innovation History in 60seconds with @ingridrileyjm . In this video. Do you know the name of the number one Trinidadian website that's been visited by Trinidadians since 2007? . Watch the video to find out. Then share with a friend. A post shared by Silicon Caribe (@siliconcaribe) on Sep 19, 2017 at 1:06pm PDT

Do You Know The Name of the First Caribbean Social Network and Who Started it?

For the next couple of months as our 10th Anniversary unfolds, we will be sharing with you a bit of Caribbean Tech History, Caribbean Internet History. You can look for it every Tuesday and Thursday here on our blog and also on Instagram. Over the next few weeks we will be taking some Caribbean Tech History form blogs we wrote from 2007. We know you are going to enjoy it, share it and comment on it all. So happy to have you taking this journey with us. And so with that, here is the first one. Having read that, let it sink in. Yes, Rodney started in 2004. That was the year Facebook only had 1 million active users. CaribbeanMassive was like a Caribbean Facebook and even had videos back too. It stayed in the market for years before hitting the deadpool. Additionally, as I talk about Caribbean Social Networks, do you know we had quite a few of them, I wrote an article  Top 20 Most Popular Caribbean Social Networks  back in 2011. Have a look. And as for Rodney, he is a successful Caribbean Tech Entrepreneur still based in St Kitts and Nevis with this company eCaribbean Ltd. We love these walks down the Caribbean Tech History, it gives us people and things to celebrate and a perspective of how far we have come and how much we have done. Follow the #CaribbeanTechHistory and #SCis10 hashtag over the next few weeks and months. And if you have any cool facts to share

SiliconCaribe is 10 this year…here’s what we have planned. is 10 years old officially this year so we’re going to be doing a couple of things to make it special. Super special for you who’ve kept reading us and those of you who keep attending our tech events and telling others about all that we’re doing. This year we’re going to take it up a notch in everything we do. Our theme: Amplify.Disrupt.Inspire We’re going to Amplify our Caribbean Tech History - who and what companies have been the pioneers and innovators in the Caribbean Tech Space, what have they done and where they are up tp now. Plus we will spotlight what the Caribbean is currently doing in Tech and the people behind it all. It’s going to be exciting to discover and showcase things as 2017 unfolds deliciously. We’re going to further disrupt how people perceive the Caribbean in the Global Digital Economy as we share our Caribbean stories and how we do so. We also intend to inspire everyone who read and watch our content, and those who attend our events, to do more great things with technology. We are smack in the middle of the Digital Age and there has never been a time where the opportunities are so abundant and the barriers to doing so many things so low. With that in mind, we’re committed to being your go to brand when you want to know what the Caribbean is doing with Tech. On our Blog we have published almost just under 1800 articles chronicling the who and what of