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Cable & Wireless finalises demerger – hmmmmm

British telecommunications company Cable & Wireless plc (C&W) set out the final terms of its demerger on Tuesday, including a US$500 million bond offer. C&W said it plans to split into two separate companies by March 26, as it provided its final trading update as a sole company. Listings for

Mobile messaging revenues expected to top $233B by 2014

Mobile messaging revenues worldwide are expected to grow to $233 billion in 2014, up from about $150 billion in 2009, according to a new forecast issued by Portio Research. Portio reports that global SMS traffic exceeded 5 trillion messages in 2009, a total expected to double by 2013--more than 4

Number Portability looks likely whether Digicel likes it or not ?

A Mobile number portability (MNP) service enables mobile phone users to change their service providers without changing their original number. Its purpose is to foster consumer choice and effective competition by enabling subscribers to switch between providers without the costs and inconvenience of changing telephone number. It can also be

Bottom Feeder, Game Changer- Which one are you?

I remember when I had just started to grow my then web development company Dutchpot Interactive from 2003-2006. We enjoyed brisk business primarily because of our customer service, design talents and our keen understanding of the business context of why companies must be online. In house at our Seymour Park

Why I do not need Cable TV again. Well sort of…

I've timeshifted and I'm spoilt for choice. And the fact is, there are ten of thousands of us in Jamaica, millions in the Caribbean and tens of millions around the world who are also in this place. The place where having choice is standard and your life just doesn't facilitate