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Top 5 Places to Buy Dancehall/Reggae Music Online

by Dancehall.Mobi and Top5Jamaica.Com 1. iTunes -  These days, iTunes is the first stop for local and international dancehall/reggae producers who're looking to sell their music online. From small/independent artistes/producers who're self-publishing, to monolithic record companies, iTunes offers a comprehensive database of new and old dancehall/reggae singles, EPs, compilations and albums for sale in digital download format. 2.


Music 2.0 has resulted in a burgeoning class of musicians around the world who are now being referred to as the ‘Musical Middle class’ – artists who now have the power to create and distribute their product across various niche markets that were previously largely controlled by media corporations and

Dancehall / Reggae News Facebook Application Launched

Dancehall.Mobi the site that serves up Dancehall bytes from Jamaica and across the Globe … directly to your cellphone or other Internet-enabled mobile device has launch its Dancehall / Reggae News Facebook application today. If you’re one of the many millions of persons who visit the social networking website